Nicholas St update: Piling work almost done, green shoots appear

The end is in sight for crews working on piling at the Nicholas St Redevelopment site.

A large pile drilling rig has been on site since mid-September to create the foundations for council’s new administration building, library and the civic plaza.

More than 130 holes had to be drilled to a depth of between 12 to 15 metres before being reinforced with steel and filled with fresh concrete to create new piles.

This will allow for a fresh foundation slab to be laid before work starts on upper floors.

Piling work taking place as part of the Nicholas St Redevelopment.

Work with the piling rig is expected to be completed this week and the equipment removed from site, which will mean reduced noise disruption for nearby residents.

The first green shoots in the precinct have also started to appear with the several established fig trees and associated irrigation installed along Nicholas Street and Union Place.

Significant work has gone into the selection of trees for the precinct to ensure the area is a user-friendly, urban green space.

The first trees as part of the redevelopment have been installed.

Considerations by the Nicholas St project team, along with landscaping professionals at Vee Design, included the need for maximum shade, hardy and reliable species of trees that will stay green and leafy year round and species that require minimal maintenance.

More trees will be installed through the month and into November.

Other work taking place this week includes:

  • Preparation for the installation of a tower crane
  • After-hours demolition work in the car park
  • Pile trimming and detail excavation
  • Preparation for paving

A workforce of 60 is now operating on site. This is expected to grow to about 200 by the start of 2020.

Business in the Nicholas St precinct remain open during construction.

Work on the lift shaft is taking place.

One of the trees installed on Nicholas St.

Crews work on the Nicholas St Redevelopment.

Piling work as part of the Nicholas St Redevelopment.

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  1. Love the update and photos on the construction in Ipswich CBD! Thank you and looking forward to more updates in a few weeks!

  2. Love Ipswich first newsletter. Keeping us up to date with what’s going on in Ipswich and bringing together the community.

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