Nicholas St update: Progress continues on redevelopment

The COVID-19 situation has not impacted progress at the Nicholas St redevelopment site.

There are currently about 180 workers on site working across the new library, council administration building and civic plaza.

This week, the lift in the administration building has reached level four which takes it to half of its eventual eight-storey height.

Crews on the new council administration building.

Crews will be working on Saturday to pour concrete for the level one floor.

Those on the civic plaza part of the project continued the installation of pipework for the zero depth water play area as well as concrete pours for the planter boxes in the plaza area.

Construction started on the steel structure for civic plaza amenities such as the shade structures.

Pipework for the zero depth water feature.

Internal and external works continue in the library with services being installed above the ceiling for electrical and data cables.

Glass for the new library has been delivered to the site and is now awaiting installation.

The new council administration centre in progress.

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