Nicholas St update: Roof goes on civic plaza pavilion

Roofing for a second shade pavilion in the new civic plaza of the Nicholas St, Ipswich Central precinct has been installed.

Work is underway on the installation of the plaza lift.

Crews are also halfway through installing plaza planter walls, with work continuing on the new Bradfield Bridge walkway as well as the public amenities block.

A side view of the new library.

In the past week, crews have poured the concrete to the floor of level five of the new council administration building, with focus shifting to level six.

Precast concrete columns were installed between levels six and seven and the wall and ceiling framing installation continued on ground level.

Interior works continue to be the focus for crews working on the new library.

Water proofing work takes place under the external deck outside the bar.

Sanding and painting work was carried out in the past week.

The Ipswich Central car park has resumed normal operations after being closed last weekend for electrical work.

There are about 235 workers onsite across the Nicholas St redevelopment.

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The new council administration building in progress.

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