Nothing small about progress on creek rejuvenation

The impressive transformation of Small Creek from a concrete drain back to a natural waterway is continuing with several project milestones being marked.

On-site works began late last year after extensive stakeholder consultation which included a unique opportunity for the community to help design the creek.

Ipswich City Council Conservation and Environment spokeswoman Cr Kerry Silver said it was exciting to see the community’s vision for Small Creek, between Whitehill and Warwick Roads, take shape.

“The first ponded area has been completed along with the rock ramps to help regulate the flow of water in the creek,” she said.

“Motorists travelling on Warwick Road would also have noticed the first lot of trees have been planted, with 30,000 plants put in to date.

“In total, more than 5,000 new trees and up to 200,000 ground covers and macrophytes (species that grow in water) will be planted.

“Work has also started on the indigenous yarning circle and 880m of shared pathways, which will enhance the opportunity for the community to connect with the space.”

Cr Silver said turning Small Creek back to a natural waterway would have significant benefits for the environment.

“We anticipate 108 tonnes of sediment, 863kg of nitrogen and 149kg of phosphorous will be removed from the waterways annually,” she said.

“This is a major win for our community and the environment.

“The design of the creek was recently put to the test, being subjected to a 70mm downpour in little over an hour.

“The works withstood this event with minimal damage, an impressive achievement given the early stage of establishment of the new creek.”

The Small Creek naturalisation project is being funded through Ipswich City Council’s Stormwater Quality Offsets Program.

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