People of the Precinct: Meet Hohua’s Braidz and Fades

Hohua’s Braidz and Fades offers all things hair and makeup from their location in Nicholas Street Precinct – but their clientele might not be who you expect.

“People will sometimes ask me, why braids? And it’s an easy answer for me,” owner and hairdresser Violet Hohua said.

“I do it for the kids that come in to get their hair done. There is no greater feeling than seeing the huge smile on their face when they see their braids for the first time.”

Hohua’s Braidz and Fades opened at Austhetica Oasis in the Nicholas Street Precinct last October.

“I have braided kids’ hair at markets all over Ipswich, including the markets here at Tulmur Place, in Springfield, Ripley and more,” Violet said.

“Eventually, we grew to the point where I needed a stable, fixed location to meet demand. And it was time to stop lugging my kids around at five in the morning, too.

“I saw an ad by Austhetica Oasis looking for hair, beauty and wellness businesses to join, and it looked perfect.

“I moved in on the first of October and haven’t looked back.”

Violet grew up in New Zealand and has been in Australia for almost 30 years. She completed her training as a hairdresser in 2016, but soon left traditional hairdressing behind to focus on her passion for braiding.

“It’s perfect for styling kids hair – it’s not only beautiful, but it lasts and means parents don’t have to battle with their hair every day,” Violet said.

“Mermaid, unicorn, Dutch, French – there are so many different styles to choose from along with more traditional ponytails.

“It’s perfect for the summer weather too, for young and old. We love braiding hair for office workers nearby with early morning appointments available to suit.

“And the great thing is – we’re just one of multiple services available at Austhetica Oasis, with Hienne Cosmetic Tattoo, Vibe’n Aesthetics and Skin Envii all here too.”

Austhetica Oasis is in the Tulmur Walk, across from the train station connecting Bell Street to Nicholas Street.

Three Questions for Violet

  1. Why did you choose the precinct to open HoHua’s Braidz and Fades?

Before I signed on at Austhetica Oasis, we sat at Bun Bun Bao across from the clinic in the Tulmur Walk and watched the foot traffic. We went to the library too and watched people come and go. I was immediately struck by how many kids there were coming and going from the precinct. It made the decision easy, I knew then that Nicholas Street Precinct and Austhetica Oasis was right for us.  

  1. What does the emerging city heart mean for HoHua’s Braidz and Fades?

I am loving the community that is here. I already feel at home and can tell that there is a real support system here in the city heart. The team at Sofia’s Nails and Spa were quick to introduce themselves and check in, and I’m a huge fan of Junior’s at Cornerstone Barbers. Everything they’re doing at Our Neighbourhood is incredible. There are great people in the city heart doing really great things, and I’m excited to be a part of it.  

  1. What’s the future looking like for HoHua’s Braidz and Fades in the precinct?

I hope that we become the place that not only kids, but people of all ages want to come for the fun and confidence that braids give. Come in and try it out, you’ll love it!

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