Plan to build shopping centre on factory site

A furniture manufacturing factory at Raceview will make way for a shopping centre if a development application lodged with Ipswich City Council is approved.

Woolworths would be the major tenant for the proposed centre, which is proposed to be located on the corner of Raceview and Cascade streets, across from Raceview Hotel.

“The proposal will deliver a new supermarket anchored shopping centre, with the supermarket operated by Woolworths and comprising of 3,251 square metres,” the application states.

“Five additional tenancies are proposed, including a central kiosk of 20 square metres situated at the pedestrian entrance to the shopping centre, and a 150 square metre tenancy to be occupied by BWS.”

Uses for the remaining three tenancies are not specified but the applicant anticipates one may be suitable for a cafe.

A total of 182 car parking spaces and five motorcycle parking bays are included in the design.

“Three central parking aisles incorporate shade sail cover over the parking bays,” the application states.

The factory currently on site has operated since the 1950s, with substantial residential and commercial growth occurring in the area since that time. More is expected.

“It is noted that within an 800m radius of the subject site current development approvals provide for some 317 residential townhouses and four dual occupancy dwelling units to be delivered, including a recent development approval for a further 182 townhouses at 85 Thornton Street, Raceview,” the application states.

The site on the corner of Raceview and Cascade streets, Raceview.

As the new shopping centre is proposed within a Residential Zone, the proposal will be subject to Impact Assessment which will involve a public notification period.

During the public notification period, members of the public will be invited to make submissions for or against the proposal.

Ipswich City Council will consider the application as well as all submissions received during the public notification period.

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  1. How many Supermarkets does one city need? Soon there will be no corner store fronts, no small shops at all. Personally, I get very annoyed when every brand of supermarket seems to think that they must build right next door to their competition. There is X amount of money to go around each week and they all want it.
    Wake Up Ipswich, these people are not about employing locals, they all would prefer automated check outs and as few staff as possible. Look after the local shops now before its too late. When they start exporting there will be no more meat, fruit or vegetables to feed you and you will have to fight for fresh fruit.

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