Plan to turn former courthouse into hotel

A former courthouse in the centre of Ipswich will be transformed into a hotel if a development application lodged with Ipswich City Council is approved.

Newground Ipswich Hotel Pty Ltd has applied to redevelop the building at 59 East Street into short stay accommodation, including a restaurant and function areas.

The three-storey building has been vacant for several years.

“The site comprises three frontages to East Street, Limestone Street and Foote Lane and immediately adjoins Market Square Park,” the application notes.

“The proposal involves the internal and external refurbishment of the existing building, while reinstating its presence as a key corner site within the Ipswich CBD and re-engaging with Market Square Park.

“Existing aspects of the building that will stay as currently installed include vehicle access points and the L building shape.

“The ground floor features the most amount of a change as part of this proposal from the original fabric.

“The entry to the building is (proposed to be) realigned to create a main entrance from Foote Lane.

“This includes the introduction of a set down area at the frontage of the site, an awning extending to the property boundary, new main steps and ramp into the building.

“Further to the reoriented entry, the ground floor restaurant and bar area are oriented to address Market Square, and are complemented through the introduction of a deck and timber arbour that extends to the property boundary.”

The hotel would have 147 rooms across three floors.

The application will be assessed by Ipswich City Council.

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  1. We’ve been looking at this building for the past 3 years and hoping that someone with Vision would take this sad & lonely building, and make it into something useful and attractive. Only today I said “What will become of this building?” And here we read that Newground Ipswich Hotel Pty Ltd has the Vision to make it into an hotel – something that Ipswich needs! Wonderful! Please Ipswich Council, assist this company in turning a pigs-ear into a silk-purse – Ipswich will thank you 🙂

  2. I think turning in the old court house into a motel is a good idea better than it sitting there doing nothing .
    Also we don’t need anymore office spaces
    To people who commented about having drugs etc use to be in there iam sure it will be refurbish

  3. Ipswich is in the process of “growing up”. Whilst our history of mining and manual industries MUST be proudly remembered, times are changing and utilising existing buildings and updating the comfort and quality into modern relaxation properties is necessary. I appreciate that upgrading these buildings will cost money and developers need to recover their costs and make a profit but our population is growing and the potential users are increasing and looking for the quality.

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