Plans revealed for six-storey commercial tower

A ‘landmark’ six-storey commercial building has been proposed on the corner of Limestone and Ellenborough streets in the Ipswich CBD.

The proposal is to demolish the existing building – currently used by an auto products store and a tattoo shop – to create offices, a restaurant, shop and basement carpark.

The application lodged with Ipswich City Council argues that a new, modern commercial building on the site would allow for “the city centre to continue developing into the main administrative and cultural centre for the Western Corridor of South-East Queensland”.

“The proposal will contribute to the overall revitalisation of the Ipswich CBD,” the application notes.

“It aims to complement the existing professional services, courthouse and business uses in the vicinity and will increase the number of job opportunities for Ipswich as a Regional Activity Centre.”

Under the proposal, the ground floor of the new building would include a bistro and small retail outlet, with the remaining five storeys being office space.

Professionals in the legal, financial and medical fields are expected to take up the office space.

“Generally, the proposal will be an important part of the business hub developing in the precinct,” the application notes.

“In all, the 90 Limestone proposal will reinforce the Ellenborough/Limestone professional/restaurant hub which will also be frequented by the populace from other parts of the city and surrounds.

“The proposal provides a new type of restaurant in the form of a bistro, which will mostly serve professionals (from within and outside of the building) and casual diners during the day, and likely mostly casual diners in the evening.”

The application notes that design elements have been included in the proposal to ensure the building fits the existing character of the area.

The new building would be across the road from the iconic former technical college building at 88 Limestone Street which was restored in recent years and includes professional offices, retail stores, cafes and restaurants.

“The proposal is distinguishable from other buildings within the same zone, but does not dominate or overshadow the heritage elements from across the road at 88 Limestone Street,” the application notes.

Ipswich City Council is considering the application.

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  1. Six storey commercial building..really!! Keep the heritage of Ipswich, not with these fancy high rises. It does nothing for the area. We didn’t move to Ipswich because of the fancy high rises ..we moved because it had heritage buildings. Look across the road, this is what Ipswich should be about! The old councillors approved this, take the district the old way with buildings that look old not new. Ipswich people have had enough, keep the old buildings.

    1. I too moved to the area for the heritage. So sad to see so many houses neglected and not
      painted, maintained etc. In Victoria they do this well.

      Interestingly, the article is posted with an article to preserve an old Queenslander in Bundamba.

  2. Why would Council allow another commercial building in Ipswich when there are already way too many empty offices and buildings in the CBD!!

    Building a commercial building isn’t going to revitalise Ipswich. The CBD, especially Bell Street needs to be sorted before more buildings are built.

  3. Not another new but empty building. Certainly doesn’t add to the heritage of or improve the look of the CBD. Should not be approved. We don’t want buildings like this.

  4. Well now, do we ever need another restaurant/office building in Ipswich. Just ask all those poor souls who have invested in the area already. I read in today’s paper (November 2nd) that the iconic Fourth Child Restaurant is investing in a move to new premises. They will love this new proposal; same goes for all of the others such as the old Tech College Building who have invested heavily. Now, lean forward, here comes your kick in the backside. Just grimace and don’t worry about the reversal in your cash flow. It’s all for the good of Ipswich. And, yes, it’s all in the shape of a shiny new space ship so as to clash with all of the heritage buildings around the area.
    Please, can we get some common sense into the council. We don’t deserve this treatment.

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