Romance writer in Ipswich, get in shape for summer, learn new tech skills: 11 Things to Do October 9 to 12

1. Author Hour with Charlotte Nash

Bestselling contemporary romance author Charlotte Nash comes to town to share the secrets of her success. Register here.

WHEN: Tuesday 10 October, 10am to 11am
WHERE: Ipswich Central Library, 40 South Street, Ipswich
COST: Free

2. Boot Camp

Get in shape for summer at this free Active Parks session presented by Ipswich City Council. Remember to bring a hat, water and towel.

WHEN: Tuesday 10 October, 5pm
WHERE: Goupong Park, 2A Collingwood Drive, Collingwood Park
COST: Free

3. Re: Location – Works by Lyne Marshall

Lyne Marshall is a modern artist traveller who is inspired by her explorations. Catch her latest exhibition before it closes next week.

WHEN: Now until Monday 16 October
WHERE: Ipswich Art Gallery, d’Arcy Doyle Place, Ipswich
COST: Free

4. Ringo and Cash

Two men in suits perform some of the greatest songs ever written by the outlaws of country music.

WHEN: Thursday 12 October, 7pm
WHERE: Brothers Leagues Club, 2 Wildey Street, Raceview
COST: Free

5. Story Time at Goodna Community Health

This initiative injects a dose of Ipswich Libraries into the Child Health and Immunisation Program.

WHEN: Tuesday 10 October, 8.30am to 10.30am
WHERE: Goodna Community Health, 81 Queen Street, Goodna
COST: Free

6. Learn PC: Basic Computers, Internet and Email

This three-week course will take you through the basics of computers like internet browsers and email. Secure your spot here.

WHEN: Three-week course beginning Tuesday 10 October, 10am to 12pm
WHERE: Redbank Plaza Library, 1 Collingwood Drive, Redbank
COST: Free

7. Great Barrier Reef

This stunning photographic display features 20 incredible images of the world’s most extensive coral reef system.

WHEN: Now until Sunday 5 November
WHERE: The Workshops Rail Museum, North Street, North Ipswich
COST: Free with museum entry

8. Simone Cutting

Gold Coast songstress Simone Cutting takes the stage in Ipswich for a morning of classic music.

WHEN: Thursday 12 October, 11am
WHERE: Club Services Ipswich, 5A Lowry Street, North Ipswich
COST: Free

9. Learn Social: Facebook, Blogging and Skype

This three-week course will take you through the basics of online social networks like Facebook and Skype. Secure your spot here.

WHEN: Three-week course starting Wednesday 11 October, 10am to 12pm
WHERE: Ipswich Central Library, 40 South Street, Ipswich
COST: Free

10. Low Impact Fitness

This Active Parks session is perfect for all ages and abilities. It’s the ideal introduction to a fitter, faster you!

WHEN: Wednesday 11 October, 9.30am
WHERE: Anzac Park, 1 Mill Street, Rosewood
COST: Free

11. Book now – Bubbles for Boobs

This high tea will support the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Mummy’s Wish with guest speakers, live music, raffles and lucky door prizes. Book here.

WHEN: Friday 13 October, 11.30am
WHERE: Orion Hotel, 1 Main Street, Springfield Central
COST: $60 per person

Here we are now, entertain us.

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