School zone to stay on busy road

A school zone will remain near St Augustine’s College, after council unanimously voted to overturn a decision to have it removed.

The motion was brought by Councillor Nicole Jonic, who said it was crucial to keep the school zone on Augusta Parkway to protect children.

“Every child has a right to get to and from school safely,” Cr Jonic said.

“We have done the right thing by keeping the school zone in place on such a busy road and ensuring our children’s lives are not endangered.”

“The stopping distance of a road at 40 kilometres is 26 metres while at 70 km it is 56 metres, so it’s important that we keep the lower speed limits to keep our community safe.”

Mayor Teresa Harding said councillors worked together to deliver a positive outcome for residents.

“This is a great demonstration of our new Council working for the community,” Mayor Harding said.

“As elected representatives, we have a duty to ensure all voices are heard and considered.

“I commend Cr Jonic for working with residents, stakeholders and officers to achieve this outcome.”

The initial decision to remove the school zone was made in November 2019 during council’s administration period, following a reassessment of the site.

More than 1,500 students attend St Augustine’s College in Augustine Heights, with many crossing the busy road on their way to and from school.

Principal of St Augustine’s College, Graham Meertens, thanked councillors for repealing the decision and said it would help keep students safe.

“This is a sensible and fantastic win for our community, which will continue to provide added safety measures for our students and all who cross this busy road,” Mr Meertens said.

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One Comment

  1. 9/7/2020.
    This is a rubbish decision put up by a councilor who lives nearby.
    The children enter the school from the other side of the school, and very few have a need to cross this road. Put a foot bridge in and see how few use it. There would normally be no need for access from the rear of a school to a busy road, under normal circumstances.
    A poor decision to keep the speed zone, more designed to raise funds from unwary motorists, that causes delays on a main dual – lane road at busy times. Poor decision.

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