Six-storey office tower with restaurant, shop gets go ahead

The go ahead has been given for development of a six-storey commercial building on the corner of Limestone and Ellenborough streets in the Ipswich CBD.

The block is near the Ipswich courthouse and currently used by Autobarn and a tattoo parlour.

Developers plan to demolish the existing building to redevelop the site.

The new office space is expected to be tailored for legal and medical services to support the courthouse and nearby Ipswich Hospital.

The building will have basement and ground level car parking, a restaurant and small-scale shop, plus five levels of office space.

In lodging the application last August, the developer argued that a new, modern commercial building on the site would allow for “the city centre to continue developing into the main administrative and cultural centre for the Western Corridor of South-East Queensland”.

“It aims to complement the existing professional services, courthouse and business uses in the vicinity and will increase the number of job opportunities for Ipswich as a Regional Activity Centre,” the application noted.

The approved development exceeds the height limit for the site, which is three storeys, however the site is considered a ‘landmark’ site due to its location.

The design reflects the prominent location, and takes design cues from nearby significant heritage buildings such as the restored Technical College across the road at 88 Limestone Street. 

In assessing the application, council took into consideration the nearby courthouse development, which is seven storeys, and significant view corridors through the location.

A townscape analysis and supporting architecture report concluded the position and design of the building will not impede any of the critical view corridors throughout the city, including views to Denmark Hill, the clock tower or the view along Mary Street to the CBD.

Once complete, vehicles will access the site by the use of existing access on Ellenborough Street, and a new left in/left out access driveway to Limestone Street, which has been located as far as possible from the intersection with Ellenborough Street.

The development is expected to create short term employment opportunities during construction as well as long term jobs through the use of the commercial space.

The full approval is available at

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  1. Really?! So many deserted buildings in our city and now approval to build even more!
    What about all the buildings already with empty office space! The building on the Cnr East and Limestone streets could have done with that makeover or demolition an rebuild!

    1. Have to agree, Doesn’t make sense to build a 6 storey building when there are so many empty buildings already in CBD. Another white elephant.

  2. This will only work if we get some additional parking. Even now I never go in this area, including the Autobarn, because I don’t want to pay for parking and often there is no parking. We don’t need more buildings we need practical solutions please!

  3. I agree with Lyn and I previously stated this when it was first in the newsletter.

    How about Council do something about the empty buildings and turn the CBD back into a place where there is activity, others than all the DARO’s in Bell Street and surrounds!!!

  4. It is sad to see so many vacant shops in the building on the corner of Brisbane and Bell Streets. Why new buildings that do not fit in with the Beautiful Buildings as the Old Post Office and others. Ipswich town is a sad place to visit except for a few of the far too many Cafe’s and the Terry White Pharmacy and Newsagents that I respectively visit often as they are the Best. Who in Ipswich are going to visit these New Shops, Offices, Medical Practices etc when Riverlink and Ipswich City have it all now. Save these empty shops that need Revamping and New Retailers / Shop Owners or even A Food Court….

  5. Ahh Ipswich, full to brim of negativity – like the council has anything to do with old and run down office space currently sitting idle in the CBD, you all know the city doesn’t own and run these right?

    Same negative comments when the ICON building was being built, now it’s fully leased with hundreds of professionals bringing now their money into the CBD. The only way to reverse the current economic decline in the CBD is to approve more well thought out buildings like this and bring more professionals and their money into the town centre. Whoever owns the cafe at the base of this building will have it made.

    1. Clearly you are Pro Council. The people above are correct and you are wrong, the best thing that can be done is improve and fill existing buildings FIRST then develop new ones.

      1. It’s not up to the council to “fill” a building. This is a capitalist country what you are referring to is more Socialist where you get told where your business can operate. Council have nothing to do with deciding rents, who builds what type of building and who moves into the buildings. Have you actually thought about what your proposing?

    2. No actually Neil is right. The Council do not own these buildings Investors do and whether or not they develop them for potential profit is up to council to approve.

  6. I think development is great for Ipswich. Clearly the fools of Ipswich want the city to stay stagnant forever. I think the people commenting on here are wrong and Neil is correct. Get new development, new business, new workers, and then with the money improve the old buildings. Just because one fool thinks new development equals pro-council doesn’t make it true. Unless it starts developing it will continue to be a lower socio-economic wasteland.

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