Spate of car thefts prompts warning

Ipswich Police are reminding all residents and car owners to be vigilant with their security following recent vehicle thefts in the area.

Between 3 January, and 6 January, six vehicles were reported to police as stolen, with four of the vehicles either left unlocked or with the keys in the ignition.

About 4pm on 4 January, a vehicle parked in the driveway of a Cross Street, Goodna address was stolen after it was left running to recharge the battery.

About 1am on 5 January, a vehicle was stolen from the breezeway of a West Ipswich service station after the owner left the keys in the ignition while paying for fuel.

About 9.30am on 5 January, a vehicle left in a car park in Brassall was stolen after the keys were left in the ignition. On this occasion, a man was seen entering the vehicle and driving off.

Sometime between 2 January and 5 January, a vehicle was stolen from a private address in Mount Alford after the keys were left inside the vehicle.

These thefts were the result of opportunistic crime and to date, two vehicles have been recovered.

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