Speaking to the dead

A husband and wife team of Mediums are returning to Ipswich to share their connections with the spirit world.

Ezio de Angelis says he always knew he had psychic abilities, but he starting paying more attention to it in the mid ‘90s.

“I started hearing voices and I had to decide if I needed to see a psychiatrist or become a psychic,” Ezio laughs.

“Fortunately, I wasn’t crazy and I was able to harness those abilities to help others.”

Ezio and his wife, fellow psychic Michelle, are now in high demand, performing in front of sell-out crowds across Australia and taking bookings for private clients from their studio in Sydney at least three months in advance.

Working together is far from easy for most couples, but Ezio says it takes on an added dimension when dealing with the supernatural.

“It’s not without challenges, mostly because we’re both very sensitive to energies, so we have to be careful about that,” he says.

“But we’ve really refined how we work together, and it’s great.”

The messages they receive come in  different forms.

“Sometimes I’ll feel a spirit in room, or I might hear them or see an image that really means something to the person in the room,” Ezio says.

Despite drawing crowds of up to 350 people at some of their bigger performances, Ezio says the size of the audience doesn’t hinder his ability to receive messages.

“It’s more about the vibe and the space than the size,” he says.

“The venue at the Ipswich Civic centre seems to be really conducive to receiving clear messages.

“We love coming to Ipswich. This will be our fourth time presenting here and it’s always great.”

Reflecting on what drives people to come along to his shows, Ezio pinpoints two main reasons.

“I’d say the majority of people come along in the hope of hearing a message from loved ones to give them some proof of the afterlife,” he says.

“But I’m also told that a lot of people come along to hear other people’s stories and that they really enjoy seeing the difference it makes to their lives.”

After working as a psychic for 25 years, Ezio still encounters his fair share of sceptics, including some first-time clients.

“I had a lady come for a private reading the other day. The first thing she told me was she was a complete sceptic,” Ezio says.

“I told her that I don’t mind what your stance is, I just want you to come with your mind and heart open.

“We present the messages we receive, and that information really speaks for itself.”

 Ezio and Michelle de Angelis present Mediums at the Ipswich Civic Centre on 20 June. Book tickets here.

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