Stars of sport and Ipswich past honoured with new street names

Current and former sports stars – and a Hollywood movie blockbuster with an Ipswich connection – will be featured in new street names in Ripley.

Consultants for stages 13-15 of Ecco Ripley submitted names for proposed new roads, including the names of some of Ipswich’s most notable and well-respected figures and celebrate some important events and artwork in the city’s history. The proposed road names included sports people, musicians, authors, artists, long-standing local residents and other notable public figures.

Ipswich City Council approved the applications under the new naming procedure.

Ten new names were approved. Names were based on there being no duplications across Ipswich and/or similar sounding names in neighbouring or nearby suburbs. Two names from the developer’s preferred list of 10 new names were considered duplicates, one name was that of a consultant (not acceptable under the naming procedure), which meant three names selected from their alternate list.

Most notable was Brigginshaw Way, named in honour of local league legend Ali Brigginshaw, captain of the Brisbane Broncos, the Queensland State of Origin side and Australia’s World Cup winning team (pictured above).

Other included:

  • Davis Lane (named in honour of Allan Davis, a former professional road cyclist, born in Ipswich in 1980)
  • Keary Place (named in honour of Luke Keary, Sydney Roosters player and NRL grand final winner, who was born in Ipswich in 1992)
  • McDermott Way (named in honour of Australian cricket fast bowler Craig McDermott, who attended Ipswich Grammar School)
  • Archibald Street (named in honour of Robert John Archibald, an Ipswich born coal mine owner from the 1800s)
  • Shearer Court (named in honour of rugby league legend Dale Shearer, who used to play for North Ipswich Leagues Club)
  • Kearton Lane (named in honour of Ipswich-born footballer Jason Kearton, who played in the English Premier League for Everton)
  • Brigginshaw Way (named in honour of the Jillaroos skipper Ali Brigginshaw)
  • Andreas Way (named in honour of the recent Hollywood film San Andreas, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, with many scenes shot in Ipswich)
  • Roberts Lane (named in honour of Ipswich-born aviation pioneer George Roberts, who was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia in 2003)
  • Loane Lane (named in honour of Wallabies rugby union test star Mark Loane, who was born in Ipswich in 1953)

Brigginshaw Way is currently under construction at Ecco Ripley. It is a standard (local) residential street.

As part of council’s naming procedure, applications for naming new roads, bridges, parks, must include background details, including themes for each name proposed.

Names including those of local identities such as national level sporting or cultural achievements may be considered in accordance with the naming procedure.

The naming procedure applies to the naming or re-naming of all new and existing roads, private roads, parks (including individual park features or facilities), bridges and places that fall under the control of council.

In relation to the number of roads council names per year, while it is hard to give a precise number of roads that are named, below are the number of naming applications council receives per year. These also include applications for parks and other council infrastructure, however most applications would generally include several new names and are usually submitted in conjunction with the survey plans for new developments.

2018 – 61

2019 – 41

2020 (@ November) – 36

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