Steve Greenwood continues oversight of Ipswich Council’s big projects

Ipswich City Council’s new Interim Administrator Steve Greenwood has vowed to continue the work of predecessor Greg Chemello in the lead-up to the March local government elections.

One of those tasks will be to liaise with mayoral and councillor candidates to inform them of council plans, policies and procedures.

“Greg has been offering insights to candidates for a number of months now, ensuring they are familiar with their duties as a councillor, what the public should expect of them, and how staff are moving forward with current strategy,” Mr Greenwood said.

“I want to continue this as an important step in the process of re-introducing elected representation to the city of Ipswich.”

Mr Greenwood said he would also be monitoring the remaining pieces of work being done by staff to ensure an open, transparent, and accountable council which stands all tests of integrity.

Over the past 18 months, Ipswich City Council pinpointed 18 areas within council which needed change. Teams were formed to complete each Transformational Project and to recommend best practice.

In his final report delivered on January 10, Mr Chemello provided the public with updates to transformational projects, what the community could expect from councillors, and some work which still had to be finalised.

“Those pieces of work which still need to be done are well and truly in my sights while I’m here over the next couple of months,” Mr Greenwood said.

“I know it’s not a long tenure, but I have been familiar with ongoing activity during my role as an Interim Management Committee advisor.

“Now, I have been left with the responsibility of making sure the good work that has been done is in readiness for a newly-elected council.

“My role is the same as councillors – to be setting the strategic direction of council, and while most of the heavy lifting has been done, I’ll be here to help in whatever way I can.”

Mr Greenwood has been at the helm of a committee guiding the development of Nicholas St and continues to lead the project’s progress with a professional team.

“This is a project Ipswich people should be very proud of,” he said.

“When complete, it will be a development which helps define the city. It will provide a destination for locals and visitors to enjoy, and I am confident will rival some of the best community spaces throughout Australia.”

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