Stories of small and large acts of decency filling social media feeds

We’re all faced with a lot of change at the moment with the coronavirus pandemic affecting how we go about our lives.

What we are noticing though, is that many people are connecting through social media. 

There have been special Facebook groups popping up like The Kindness Pandemic, which has almost 300,000 members.

There are hundreds of stories of acts of kindness going around like the storm troopers handing out free toilet paper or the neighbours leaving boxes of food for families in quarantine.

Posts from The Kindness Pandameic Facebook group

A trend has started in Canada called ‘caremongering’ and we have seen the Facebook videos of Italians out on their balconies singing.

There has been a surge online classes, on a range of topics, live streamed so people at home can join in.

Facebook image from Karalee

Ipswich Libraries public progamming staff made these fun badges for the customer service team

Here in Ipswich there have been kind words drawn on footpaths, free meal deliveries for elderly or quarantined residents

The virus has also highlighted the importance of health workers, with McDonalds offering to shout health care workers a free coffee or soft drink.

‘Going on a bear hunt’ has popped up in Ipswich as several suburbs have adopted the idea in their street.

This seems to have originated in Canberra, but the idea is for people to place teddy bears in the windows at the front of their home, so local children in the neighbourhood can go for a walk to stay active, while maintaining safe social distancing, hunting for teddy bears.

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