Sustainability is in the name for this local cafe

When Brett Briggs opened his Ipswich CBD café Oikos in 2018, minimising its carbon footprint was in the forefront of his mind.

So much so, that he made a pledge to sustainability in the café’s name.

“Our business name ‘Oikos’ actually means ‘circle of influence’,” Mr Briggs said.

“We were really intentional from naming our business something about circle of influence to actually following that out and living that out. 

“We want to utilise those people that are in our close networks so that we can reduce that carbon footprint and actually have a positive impact on our planet.”

Now he’s sharing his tips in the latest episode of Sustainability in the Suburbs to show other local businesses how they could incorporate sustainable practices into their everyday and also help residents make greener choices and support local businesses.

Last year, the community told Ipswich City Council that becoming more sustainable would require a team effort. That means individuals, the community, businesses and government all doing their bit for the environment.

From sourcing local quality produce to working with their customers, here’s how Oikos is making a difference in Ipswich.

“When you’re supporting local businesses there’s less of a carbon footprint, because we can go and pick up,” Mr Briggs said.

“It’s just down the road our fruit guy, even with our coffee, even though it’s from the Sunshine Coast, it’s not getting shipped up from Melbourne, it’s as local as we can source for a good bean.”

Mr Briggs encourages other businesses to be intentional with their thinking in regards to the produce they are buying.

“Is it local? Is it sourced within a radius of your shop even?” he said.

“There’s so many good growers in the Lockyer Valley that we can connect with.”

Mr Briggs said it’s important to get your customers involved too.

“We reward someone with a keep cup by taking 50 cents off their coffee,” he said. 

Sustainability in the Suburbs is all about sharing stories, knowledge and ideas help us all live, eat and play the sustainable way.

By working together we can protect and enhance our environment and its liveability for current and future generations.

Keep an eye out for more videos featuring sustainability tips and tricks from Ipswich residents or share your own using #sustainableipswich

Find out more at Ipswich.qld.gov.au/sustainability

“It’s good for us and it’s great for them.

“So really work with your customer, don’t work against them, and be open to ideas and open to changing your practice as well.

“To be a forward thinker in business is to be open.”

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