Take a safer bicycle ride or walk through West Ipswich

New shared bikeway completed

Ipswich City Council has completed the Western Ipswich Active Transport Link.

It is a high quality path for shared use by pedestrians and cyclists.

The project forms a key link between the Ipswich CBD and pedestrian and cycling facilities soon to be constructed on Old Toowoomba Road, providing safe access for active transport users to Ipswich’s western suburbs.

The shared pathway goes from Roderick Street through to Brisbane Road, along Hooper, Pound and Omar Streets, West Ipswich.

Significantly, included in the project are three raised priority crossings, which give pedestrians and cyclists right of way over motorists.

They are at the following intersections:

• Omar and Keogh
• Omar and Tiger
• Omar and Clay

General Manager of Infrastructure and Environment Charlie Dill said pedestrians, cyclists – and motorists – should make themselves familiar with raised priority crossings and how they work.

“We would like to raise awareness of these crossings and the rules that apply to a broader audience, rather than just local residents who have received information,” he said.

What are raised priority crossings?

● Where pathway users are given priority across a road using regulatory signs (GIVE WAY or STOP) and line marking, it is referred to as a priority crossing. Where these facilities are constructed on a raised platform to increase visibility and reduce vehicle speeds, it is referred to as a raised priority crossing.

● Raised priority crossings on shared pathways across local roads can support a Safe Systems approach to road safety, reduce the level of traffic stress and improve the level of service for all path users.

● Once a motorist has given way to pathway users, they may move forward and ‘rest’ on the raised priority platform in order to either give way or undertake a complete stop (as indicated by the regulatory signs at the intersection).

“The key point is that motorists must give way to pedestrians and cyclists,” Mr Dill said.

“If you are still unsure and want to find out more about priority raised crossings or this project, contact our Infrastructure and Environment Department by phoning 07 3810 6666 or email [email protected]

This project is an action from iGO – The City of Ipswich Transport Plan, which is council’s masterplan for Ipswich’s sustainable transport future. The active transport link also forms part of the Department of Transport and Main Roads’ Principal Cycle Network.


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