The tech test bed shaping the future of a smart city

North Ipswich Reserve is leading the way as a test bed for smart city technology, infrastructure and data sets.

A smart pole, remote controlled lights, smart solar benches to charge electronic devices, bin sensors, video analytics and an autonomous mower are being tested on site to inform the future connectivity, management and maintenance of parks, sports facilities and community venues.

North Ipswich Reserve features the following technology

Smart pole: Smight Air Streetlight featuring electric vehicle charging, environmental monitoring and free public Wi-Fi. The pole is also fitted with an SOS beacon connected to council’s 24-hour Safe City control room.

Lights: LED lighting managed remotely.

Furniture: Charging stations for mobile devices on smart benches.

Waste: Bin levels monitored via sensors with notifications sent directly to staff to empty bins on an as needs basis.

Video analytics: Cameras used for people and car counting.

Turf: Management of grassed area using an autonomous mower.

North Ipswich Reserve Corporate Centre is one of Ipswich’s leading function and conference venues.

Real-world results from the smart city testing

• Installed smart city hardware and software at North Ipswich Reserve.

• Trialled and tested technology delivering real-time and near real-time data to inform the management and maintenance of city services.

• Integrated IoT (Internet of Things) data into a single smart city platform to improve management efficiencies and data accessibility.

• Developed procurement standards to help ensure facilities across Ipswich are smart-park and smart-sport enabled.

North Ipswich Reserve is the home of the Ipswich Jets, one of the most exciting and innovative teams in the Intrust Super Cup rugby league competition, and hosts major community events including the city’s annual Christmas carols.

The adjoining North Ipswich Reserve Corporate Centre is one of Ipswich’s leading function and conference venues.

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