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Tips and tricks to help you save money that won’t cost the earth

A range of exciting activities and events will put the focus on the environment during the city’s Sustainable Ipswich Week.

From 19 to 25 August, individuals, schools, businesses and community organisations can be involved in a number of ways at a local level.

The week incorporates two key events – the Youth Sustainability Summit (with over 200 students attending), and Ipswich EnviroForum, which showcases innovation in the sustainable management of natural resources.

The guest speaker at Ipswich EnviroForum on Thursday 22 August is documentary maker Damon Gameau.

His latest film 2040 will also be shown at the Barry Jones Auditorium on Friday 23 August.

Night walks to White Rock Spring Mountain Conservation Estate will be held, as well as a community tree-planting at Cribb Park, and composting and worm farm workshops.

Council encourages residents to live, eat and play the sustainable way every day of the week and share their efforts online using #sustainableipswich.

There will be six key themes during the week the help people reduce their carbon count

Monday 19 August: Money Saving Monday

 Save some serious dollars and a tonne of carbon emissions every year by developing a new energy saving habit this week.  

Hot showers, big screen TV’s air conditioners and heaters all create tonnes of carbon and cost plenty of money in power bills. 

As the world warms up, it is more important than ever to use only the energy we need.

 Tips to reduce your usage include:

  • Turning off lights when not using them
  • Using energy efficient light bulbs
  • Having a shorter shower. An average shower uses 9L of water per minute so make your shower under 5 minutes
  • Turn the water off when brushing your teeth and shaving your legs

Tuesday 20 August: Nude Food Day

 Packaged food uses more energy to produce, creates more waste and may not be a healthy food choice. 

You can easily reduce your carbon footprint and waste by having a nude lunch and using your re-usable coffee cup when you buy your coffee.

 Make sure your lunch only contains items that you can eat, re-use, compost or recycle.  This will reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and reduce the amount of energy and resources used to make plastic single-use packaging.

 Do a waste audit at home, school or work and see how much waste is in your lunch box.

Wednesday 21 August: Zero Waste Wednesday

The aim of Zero Waste is to send nothing to landfill and it starts with all of us.  Use your purchase power when shopping.

Remember your Rs and you are on the way to living zero waste: 

  • Refuse – what you don’t need. Think about what you buy and use the power of your dollar to tell companies what you need and don’t need and that you support companies that are both ethical and sustainable.
  • Reduce – what you buy. Do you need that impulse item? Can you buy less of something so you don’t throw any unused items?
  • Reuse – instead of buying something that is single use, buy something that you can use over and over again, or upcycle and make a new treasure.
  • Recycle – if you can’t do any of the above, make sure you recycle so the item can be recovered and is not sent to landfill.

Thursday 22 August: Buy Local Thursday

What goods and services we choose to spend our money on has a huge effect on carbon emissions.

It’s very easy to trim our carbon footprint down even further by choosing locally-made goods over imported where possible.

Reducing the distance your purchases travel means less transportation, energy and possible refrigeration used.

Local communities can provide almost everything we want or need. Look for the Made in Australia logo or search online for local Ipswich suppliers.

Search the Ipswich Community Directory for your next purchase.

Friday 23 August: Carbon Footprint Friday

It’s easy to reduce your carbon footprint today and every day.

If you have participated in all of the activities during Sustainable Ipswich Week you have reduced your footprint and contributed to a better environment. 

What will you pledge to continue to reduce your carbon footprint?

  • Turning off lights when not using them
  • Walking instead of driving for one trip a week
  • Taking public transport
  • Opening the window instead of turning on the air con
  • Using energy efficient light bulbs
  • Eating local produce
  • Planting trees

Saturday, Sunday 24-25 August: Trees for the Weekend

Go green this weekend.

Planting a tree or shrub is not only enjoyable but it improves your environment, reduces your carbon footprint, provides habitat for wildlife, improves your mental health and beautifies the space.

This weekend, plant a native tree in your garden and welcome the butterflies and bees. 

Native plants:

  • are likely to thrive
  • require less maintenance
  • use less water
  • provide habitat for native wildlife
  • produce an abundance of flowers, adding colour and fragrance to your garden.

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