Two new roads to connect almost 9000 new homes in Ripley Valley

About 8900 new homes can be built in Ripley Valley with the State Government investing $20 million through its Catalyst Infrastructure Program to extend vital local road networks.

Member for Ipswich Jennifer Howard said the funding will enable the construction of two new roads in the Ripley Valley priority development area (PDA), ensuring more affordable land is available to Queensland families.

“Construction has already begun on Binnies Road West following a $7.14 million investment last year. This work is supporting 36 local jobs,” Ms Howard said.

“We’ll also contribute a further $13 million towards the construction of the new Cumner Road, which will support an estimated 52 additional construction jobs.

“These developments will open up significant opportunities for our region and the families who live here.

“It will prove a catalyst for economic growth and will help make Ipswich an even more liveable city.”

PDAs are parcels of land identified for development that will deliver significant economic and social benefits to a community.

Once a PDA is declared, the Queensland Government works with council, the community and industry stakeholders to plan, assess and deliver projects in the area.

Minister for State Development Cameron Dick said Binnies Road West is being built by Orchard (Daleys) Developments, while Cumner Road will be constructed by Intrapac Property.

“This investment will unlock more high quality and affordable land for Queenslanders,” Mr Dick said.

“It’s also creating more local jobs, which are so important right now in the current climate.”

Intrapac Property Chief Operating Officer Max Shifman thanked the Queensland Government for its strategic foresight and commitment to economic growth for the region.

“The Queensland Government has been an invaluable partner in ensuring this new road can be built to access otherwise locked-up development land,” Mr Shifman said.

“It’s a great start to a new decade, and indeed for our upcoming Whiterock project, having this funding agreement in place to deliver this vital piece of infrastructure.

“Now, our team is excited to get on with the job – building the road and developing the land.”

The new roads are being funded through Economic Development Queensland’s Catalyst Infrastructure Funding, which provides funding to get projects off the ground that will benefit community development and employment.

Visit the EDQ Ripley Valley webpage to learn more.

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  1. Could Ipswich First provide details of the proposed train line extension Springfield Lakes to Ipswich and a map showing the route and stations please. There are many rumours and misinformation ref this project many thanks

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