Urban growth corridor moves ahead at Thagoona

Ipswich City Council has approved a new development at Thagoona, which will provide 359 properties and address a growing demand for more housing across this region and South East Queensland.

Sargeant Planning and owner, TPDP 2 Pty Ltd, propose to construct the 359 properties at “Stirling Views Estate” at 48-70 and 84 Pindari Drive and 67-103 Dances Road, Thagoona over 15 stages, which will include parks, major road upgrades, flood mitigation projects and environmental rehabilitation.

Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee Chair Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding thanked residents for raising various concerns about the proposed development, specifically the road network, flooding and stormwater, and protecting the environment.

“Parts of Walloon and Thagoona have been slated for urban growth by the State Government for almost two decades,” Mayor Harding said.

“In response to the submissions put forward from residents, Council has worked with the developers to ensure the application addresses local concerns and is conditioned appropriately.

“One of the biggest concerns raised by residents was the capacity of the local road network, and as a result, the development will deliver about 1.8km of upgraded roads in the area.

“Currently, we are seeing the devastating effects of the housing crisis all around us. We simply do not have enough housing – housing of different types, sizes and affordability – to accommodate the needs of our growing region.

“It is my hope this development will go some way in bringing more housing options to our city to start addressing this dire need.”

Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee Deputy Chairperson Councillor Paul Tully said parts of the Walloon and Thagoona areas have been planned for urban growth since 2006.

“There was preparation of a planning study between 2003 and 2005 resulting in changes to the Ipswich Planning Scheme in 2006,” Cr Tully said.

“The ultimate plan for this area was included in the Ipswich Planning Scheme as a Land Use Concept Master Plan and the proposed development is consistent with this use.

“The proposed development has been assessed with regard to the applicable assessment benchmarks. The proposed development generally complies with the assessment benchmarks or can be conditioned to comply.”

Division 4 Councillor Kate Kunzelmann also thanked residents – including 36 who lodged properly-made submissions – and said she believed the development could be approved with the many conditions imposed on it.

“These decisions remain difficult. We have recently welcomed the 250,000th resident to Ipswich, and this development will contribute to the need for housing, which is not to deny the commercial interests of the developers,” Cr Kunzelmann said.

“Council has an obligation to meet the need for developable land and to encourage diversity in dwelling types.  This development is part of an orderly process to allow development in areas that have been investigated and earmarked for development.”

Cr Kunzelmann said some of the advantages of the development which will result from council conditions include:

  • Groundwater quality improvements, through the recreated waterway and the detention system.
  • Road improvements, including the work on Girral Rd and improvements to the intersection with Karrabin Rosewood Road in Stage 1.
  • Existing vegetation will be lost but will be replaced over the 10 years of the project.
  • There will be an option for all residents to connect to reticulated sewer network.

Deputy Mayor and Division 4 Councillor Russell Milligan said ecological auditing will continue throughout the construction period.

“This development is three minutes by car from the railway station and 1.5kms from the new development at Karrabin Road,” Cr Milligan said.

“Collectively with other developments in this area, there are proposals for further residential development as well as the development shops, medical services, and fuel options.

“The proposed major neighbourhood centre located at 929-991 Karrabin Rosewood Road will also give a point of focus in Thagoona, provide jobs and great convenience. That these two developments are being considered is an indication of the growth pressures.

“As development occurs, there are also opportunities to improve the community with better roads, improved open spaces and access to shopping and other commercial and retail uses.

“We accept that council’s vision of a desired future may not be the same as some residents. However, given the conditions being imposed, we believe this is the right path forward and will provide better outcomes for Ipswich.”

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  1. These developments with narrow roads and limited street car parking are a really so to health and safety. Streets need to be wider. Very concerning.

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