Videos show why Ipswich is a growing attraction

A new suite of videos is set to showcase why Ipswich has become a booming hot spot for adventure tourism.

In 2018, there was an 18 per cent increase in visitors to Ipswich on the previous year, and much of that growth has been attributed to a growing awareness of nature-based activities such as hiking, cycling and canoeing.

There are 6500 hectares of reserves and conservation estates within the Ipswich City Council area and people – both residents and visitors – are fast discovering the benefits.

“We’ve got 196km of mountain biking trails, 150km of walking trails and enough water to keep people excited about the environment around us,” Ipswich City Council’s works, parks and recreation chief operating officer Bryce Hines said.

“I’ve been living and breathing our amazing surrounds for years, and I’m still discovering new things every week.”

Chief operating officer for economic development and marketing Ben Pole said the sharp rise in adventure tourism was producing some terrific spin-off benefits to the city.

He said there were 1.6 million visitors to Ipswich last year, and 1500 of them each week were coming to the city to hike, cycle or walk.

“People are taking their positive experiences of the city and sharing them with friends,” Mr Pole said.

“It’s an upward cycle. While they’re here, they’re seeing other things the city offers – a vibrant dining scene, parks which are second to none, and even a spot of shopping.

“If we’re becoming known as a great place to get active, which it would seem we are, then that’s a great thing for our city and definitely something we want to share. And that’s why we’ve put together these videos which help those who haven’t yet caught the vibe understand just how beautiful Ipswich is.”

There will be 10 videos in total.

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