Where to vote in Ipswich on August 19

We’ve put together a few handy hints with help from the Electoral Commission of Queensland which might help you fulfil your obligation during this Saturday’s mayoral by-election – including a map of polling booths.

Why should I vote?

Voting is compulsory and you might cop a fine if you don’t do your democratic duty. Money aside, it’s also your chance to play a part in electing Ipswich’s next mayor. A total of 120,408 Ipswich residents are enrolled to vote.

Who can I vote for?

The 11 mayoral candidates in ballot paper order are Jack Paff, Paul Rix, Peter Robinson, Gary Duffy, Brett Morrissey, Paul Tully, Andrew Antoniolli, Patricia Petersen, Ken Salter, Peter Luxton and Dallas Klaas.

When is polling day?

The day of the election is known as polling day. For the Ipswich mayoral by-election it’s tomorrow – Saturday, 19 August.

Where can I find a polling booth?

More than 40 polling booths will be open across Ipswich from 8am to 6pm. They’re usually located at schools and community halls. If in doubt, follow the alluring aroma of sausages slowly cooking on a hotplate, or check out the full list below.

What happens at the polling booth?

After you’ve savoured a sausage sandwich an issuing officer will ask you for your name and address – you don’t need ID if your enrolment information is up to date. The officer will then mark your name off the electoral roll before issuing a ballot paper and directing you to a polling booth.

Do I need to number every box?

You can vote for one, some or all of the candidates. Vote for one candidate by placing a one (1), tick or cross in the box that corresponds with their name. You can vote for some or all of the remaining candidates by numbering other boxes in order of preference.

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