VIDEO: How to get the most out council’s iKnow property information tool

A new website launched on October 30 opens the door to a vast amount of information about every property in Ipswich

The new IKnow site recorded more than 9,000 views within 24 hours of going live.

Ipswich City Council’s planning department developed IKnow to unlock improved public access to mapping information.

The new website is similar in capability to mapping tools used by council staff.

While PDOnline served the city well it was of limited value for the preparation of development applications or not easily understood.

The new interactive IKnow website streamlines searches such as –

• Road names
• House numbers
• Suburbs
• Electoral boundaries
• Planning Scheme Zoning

Users can search deeper for planning scheme overlays which include information that may constrain development, such as –

• Bushfire risk
• Mining
• Flooding
• Overland flow paths
• Difficult topography
• Noise from RAAF Amberley aircraft

Importantly, users can layer information and make certain information transparent to help in the analysis of individual properties and areas.

The site has the capability to take the user anywhere within the local government area within seconds through a search or through navigation.

It also offers historical aerial images as far back as 1994.

Council expects the main users of the site will include home buyers, real estate agents, developers and investors.

This valuable new tool is expected to evolve over time to include more data and council is open to suggestions on making available additional information or user interface improvements.

In the future, Ipswich City Council will be also seeking to improve the development application information presented on the web site to make it easier for customers and the community to access information.

Ipswich City Council is very proud of its team of staff who have worked together to deliver these significant improvements.

The new iKnow website can be viewed here.


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