What to do with cards and wrapping paper after Santa’s visit

Handy hints on how to recycle cards and wrapping paper

Ipswich City Council is encouraging residents to dispose of festive greeting cards and wrapping paper by recycling them.

These items can be placed in the yellow top recycling bin along with other recyclable items.

Greeting cards and wrap will be sent for recycling.

It is another way in which we can take the pressure off landfill sites and play a small yet important part improving recycling rates in Ipswich.

Importantly we should only place recyclable materials in these bins to ensure they did not become contaminated by non-recyclable items.

This year council launched the Recycle 4 campaign to emphasise the following four types of waste which can go into yellow top bins.

1.  Paper: newspapers, magazines, junk mail and office paper
2.  Plastic: bottles and containers (milk, soft drink and shampoo bottles, yoghurt/ice-cream tubs)
3.  Cardboard: boxes (including clean pizza boxes)
4.  Cans and tins: aluminium and steel (drink and aerosol cans, food tins)

For re-using or recycling Christmas cards here’s a few additional tips from Planet Ark:

  • Get creative and turn your old greeting cards and wrapping paper into new gift tags and cards;
  • Donate your used cards and wrapping paper to a local childcare centre, school or nursing home for use as craft materials and;
  • Greeting cards and wrapping paper made entirely from paper and cardboard can go into your worm farm or compost bin and can be used as mulch.


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