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Ipswich Mayor Andrew Antoniolli is pushing infrastructure priorities for Ipswich. Cr Antoniolli is pictured above with other mayors from Southeast Queensland at a media call to announce regional desires. Below, we focus on what he wants specifically for Ipswich.

Growth projections for Ipswich show the citywide population increasing from 200,000 to 484,000 by 2036 – that’s less than 20 years from now.

In the next four years we can expect a further 35,000 new residents. The average annual growth rate for Ipswich will increase from 3.7 per cent in 2021 to 5.4 per cent in 2026.

Ipswich Mayor Andrew Antoniolli supports the Council of Mayors (SEQ) priorities for funding local projects of regional significance in the lead up to the state election on November 25.

Ipswich is strongly advocating for immediate funding commitments for the following projects:

  • Springfield Central to Redbank Plains (School Road) rail extension – $150 million
  • Cunningham Highway duplication and realignment Yamanto to Willowbank – $276 million
  • Norman Street Bridge second crossing of Bremer River for Ipswich Central – $250 million
  • Ipswich Performing Arts Centre (IPAC) – $100 million
  • A review of delivery of public transport services to meet future population growth
  • An ongoing commitment to social housing
  • Brisbane Lions training facility at Springfield Central
The Ipswich Local Government Area encompasses five state government electorates, although Lockyer is predominently outside. Here, we take a snapshot profile at Bundamba, Ipswich, West Ipswich and the newly-created seat of Jordan.

Jordan: This is a new seat and includes Gailes, Camira, Augustine Heights, Brookwater, Springfield, Springfield Lakes and Springfield Central.  Early polling would indicate that Labor is favoured to take the seat, although much of that can be determined by statewide swings. Charis Mullen will run for Labor, Duncan Murray for the LNP, Steven Purcell for the Greens, and Peter Ervik for the Consumer Rights and No Tolls party.

Bundamba: Parts of Bundamba and North Booval have been added to this seat. It also includes parts of Redbank, Collingwood Park, Goodna, Belbird Park, Redbank Plains, Swanbank and White Rock. These suburbs have been removed: Springfield, Sprinfield Lakes, Springfield Central, Augustine Heights and Brookwater. Labor’s Jo-Ann Miller holds the seat with what would seem to be a comfortable margin, having polled 61% of the vote at the last election. Michelle Duncan has put her hand up for the Greens, as have independents Shan Ju Lin and Patricia Petersen.

Ipswich: Parts of Bundamba and Yamanto have been removed, while Deebing Heights and parts of South Ripley have been added. The seat includes parts of Woodend, East Ipswich, Ipswich, Booval, Raceview, Flinders View and Ripley. Jennifer Howard polled 53% at the last election for Labor and seems to have a stronghold on the seat, although former One Nation senator Malcolm Roberts has made it a seat to watch. Pat Walsh will run for the Greens, and Troy Aggett as an independent.

Ipswich West: Within the Ipswich local government area, parts of Yamanto and Amberley have been added, while ares north of the city boundary have been removed from this electorate. It includes Ironbark, Haigslea, Marburg, Tallegalla, Mount Marrow, Ashwell, Rosewood and Walloon. The seat is held by Jim Madden who polled 45% of the vote at the last election. Keith Muller is listed to run for the Greens, and Brad Trussell for One Nation.

Countdown to the election on November 25.

  • Nominations close Tuesday November 7
  • Pre-poll in person from 9am Wednesday November 13
  • Pre-poll postal applications open now and close November 22
  • Cut-off for return of postal ballots 5pm Tuesday December 5

View the full election timetable:

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