Wheelie bin services remain unchanged throughout the holidays

Wheelie bin collection services will remain unchanged during the Christmas and New Year period with Ipswich City Council’s waste collection trucks remaining on the road right through the holidays.

Council-owned Ipswich household waste collection services will operate as usual on their regular allocated weekday, including Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

This means general, recycling and green waste collection trucks will remain on the road when services are needed most.

Residents should place their bins on the kerb as normal before 5am on the collection day.

Council’s recycling and refuse centres at Riverview and Rosewood will only be closed on Christmas Day with normal operating hours between 8am and 5pm all other days.

Download the Ipswich Bin app to your smartphone to keep up to date on the right waste in the right bin and to know when the right day is to put your bin out.

For more on Ipswich Waste Services visit this website.

Give your garbo a Christmas present:

  • Keep your bins one metre apart: The arm that lifts them into the truck needs a little bit of room. If bins are too close, the driver has to get out and separate them.
  • Keep clear of obstacles: Look up and if possible try not to place your bin under low hanging wires or tree branches.
  • Don’t overfill: Birds love an overfilled bin and will rip the rubbish out, leaving behind an unsightly mess.
  • Have your bin out early: By 5am the day of collection is the go.
  • Give them a wave: If you spot your garbo on their run, give them a smile and a wave, it will mean a lot.

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