Why bathing in beer is good for you

Hops right in for some unexpected health benefits

With Father’s Day just around the corner, many dads will be celebrating with a beer or two.

But the best health benefits for lager-lovers won’t come from drinking it, but from soaking in it.

Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa has teamed up with local craft beer brewer 4 Hearts Brewing to bring back their Father’s Day ‘Exbeerience’.

The one and a half hour treatment includes a 50 min Sports or Remedial Massage with hop-infused oil, a hop-infused body scrub and a bath in a 20 litre tub of 4 Hearts Pale Ale, mixed with hot water and hop flowers.

To top it off, customers can sit back and enjoy a pint of Pale Ale after their treatment.

Soaking in beer dates back to ancient Rome and Egypt, where beer baths were thought to soothe and soften skin.

Vitamins and yeast in beer cleanse the skin, while hops offer anti-inflammatory properties, and malt includes sugars that can nourish skin.

But while beer spas have surged in popularity across Europe in recent years, Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa remains the only place in Australia to offer the treatment.

Owner of Ipswich Massage and Herbal Spa, Sonja Glinster, said the package has been a popular gift choice for Father’s Day.

“We have mentioned it to some of our regulars and they have already booked their dad in.”

But before lager lovers get too excited, Ms Glinster said the tub was filled with unfermented beer, so drinking the bath water wasn’t advised.

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