Yamanto Central is ready to go

Yamanto Central, one of Queensland’s most exciting and long-awaited retail developments, will officially open its doors on Thursday 8 April.

Anchor retailers, Coles and Kmart will both start trading on 8 April 2021 at 7am, welcoming shoppers to their stores to take part in their opening celebrations.

The centre will offer a broad mix of retail outlets as well as a health and wellness precinct and an outdoor dining area that will accommodate up to 300 people.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, store openings will be staggered and a handful of specialty stores will complement the early opening of anchor tenant Coles and Kmart, providing shoppers with the a more personalised experience.

Mayor Teresa Harding, who toured the centre recently, said the upgrades would support a prosperous and thriving community as Ipswich experiences unprecedented growth.

JMK retail general manager Viciki Leavy said she is delighted to announce the early opening of Yamanto Central.

“Oddly COVID has provided us with a novel set of circumstances,” she said.

“It has enabled our team of builders to fast track development and construct the centre at a cracking pace well ahead of our original schedule.

“We’re incredibly excited as the 8th of April will see Coles and Kmart fling open their doors to a highly expectant community in preparation for our grand opening event.”

Yamanto Central is expected to set the standard in retail innovation for the region.

Coles and Kmart stores will feature some of the retailers’ latest interactive shopping experiences across displays, layout and grocery offerings.

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  1. Wow Congratulations Vicki on the early opening of Yamanto’s New Shopping 🛒 Centre I am so Pleased for All the Shop Owners/Retailers 🛍️ and Staff … This makeover has been a long time coming and well deserved accomplishment for Yamanto’s and It’s Residents.
    Congratulations to All 🏬

  2. Looks like Ipswich is growing into a formidable city and one to compete against most major cities. Now all we need is the Ipswich council to upgrade the CBD.
    Brisbane street use to be a lovely street to go for a walk during your lunch breaks and visit all the little shops and places to eat or grab a snack.
    Unfortunately it turned into the main street for secondhand shops and job recruitment companies or small loan business.
    The course effect was that this slowed down the foot traffic of people that want to spend money at the shops and keep these businesses afloat and booming the economy of Ipswich city. Instead it then sped up the foot traffic of public looking for a quick buck or way to get money instead of spending it.
    Extremely sad that the CBD has so much potential to attract more people and Businesses to the City Of Ipswich but this fact is missed by the city planners.

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