You know it’s Christmas in Ipswich when…

As Santa prepares for his rounds on December 25 there are certain things that happen in Ipswich to signal it’s the festive season

We’ve put together a fun check list so you know it’s Christmas in Ipswich.

1.  Morning and afternoon peak is a distant memory: Getting around is a breeze. Schools are closed and businesses are winding down, with most of the traffic on local roads made up of people on route to do last minute Christmas shopping.

2. The neighbours head for the Gold Coast: You’re just as likely to bump into someone from Ipswich on the southern Gold Coast as you would at home. It’s been a tradition for generations of Ipswich families to head the coast for Christmas holidays.

3. Christmas spirit on show in almost every street: The kids will be nagging you for a drive to the most popular streets and houses to marvel at the blaze of coloured lights and sounds of Christmas.

4. Santa sets up a remote North Pole base in Brisbane Street: It’s Christmas all year round at Mrs Claus & Santa – even more so with Santa in residence.

5. The Top of Town spreads joy: Shop fronts are sporting beautiful festive windows and displays – just like Obsession Shoes.

6. Peak hour is in the pools, not on the roads: Traffic might be down on the roads, but there’s no shortage of people making a splash at local pools. From dawn to dusk families are looking for a place to beat the heat.

7. A meal for the homeless offers hope and compassion: A relatively new tradition is the annual free Christmas lunch provided by Indian Mehfil served to the elderly and homeless doing it tough at this time of year.

8. Trees and gardens light up: New in 2018 is the Christmas Wonderland in Nerima Gardens Queens Park. Already thousands have visited this magical nighttime display. Have you been yet?

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