Your chance to send a big thanks to our health heroes

Some of the best social media posts during the Covid-19 crisis have been about a new respect for health workers.

The Ipswich Health Foundation has taken that a step further and launched the hero-gram program, encouraging people to post messages of support for local doctors, nurses and health staff.

“The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting an unprecedented number of people, striking at the hearts of everyone,” an IHF spokesperson said.

“Our Health Heroes (the doctors, nurses and all the staff at West Moreton Hospital and Health Service) are all working tirelessly around the clock on the front line to keep our community safe and healthy.

“Now’s the time to show your support and send a hero-gram

“With your help, we’re going to publish as many messages of thanks and support as we can on our website and share them with staff throughout the whole West Moreton region.

“Please share this message with your congregation as we’d love to share their Health Hero-gram messages too.“

IHF has made it easy and designed a template to post on social media – and don’t forget to tag them @ipswichhospitalfoundation

I’ve just sent my message of thanks and support to our Health Heroes.

They’re working tirelessly on the front line to keep our community safe and healthy.

Ipswich Hospital Foundation is sharing as many Hero-grams as they can.

Share yours now at

“Please share this message as we’d love to share the Health Hero-gram messages too.

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