03 April 2020: COVID-19 updates #ipswichtogether

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4.10pm. Ipswich’s conservation estates open for responsible recreation

A recent closure of State-managed parks has not yet affected Ipswich’s conservation estates and reserves which are managed by Ipswich City Council. 

At this stage Ipswich’s natural areas are open for appropriate uses and individual exercise, however visitors are required to follow the latest advice from the Australian Government and Queensland Health about social distancing. 

Conservation Visitor Management Officer Jody Gilbert has been on site at White Rock – Spring Mountain Conservation Estate and said there had been higher numbers of people visiting the estate than normal. 

“On the whole, I’ve observed people to be very courteous in social distancing, and it appears the two-person message has already had effect,” she said.

“Most of the visitors appeared to be first-timers. They highly valued the ability to ‘get out into nature’ as part of their coping with the current situation.”

For more information on

Ms Gilbert said Ipswich has more than 500 parks and bushland reserves so it’s possible to get outdoors, close to home, and enjoy some exercise responsibly. 

Her tips were:

Stay on track with the NAEUS app. (tip: when you download the app and open it, make sure you wait for the pictures to load on the “Regions” section, then you can click on the Ipswich region image to see our estates).

3.45pm. Tennis and basketball courts closed

Ipswich City Council has started locking the gates on some of the city’s public tennis and basketball courts to prevent any spread of the coronavirus.

Queensland Police received a complaint on Thursday that up to 20 young people had congregated at the tennis and basketball courts at Springfield Lakes Boulevard.

“Groups from three to 20 people were witnessed breaking the social distancing rules set in place,” a spokesman said.

Night lights were turned off, gates locked and police asked council to put signs in place advising the areas were off limits “until further notice”.

Council has also moved to turn off lighting at other areas, such as skate parks, exercise equipment and outside gyms to prevent public gatherings.

“Electricians are going to disengage the automatic lights and the facilities will be locked where possible. Signage will also be placed at the facilities as we close them,” a spokesperson said.

3.30pm. COVID-19 restrictions expected to remain for six months

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has said she’s preparing for the worst but praying for the best, as the government gears up for six months of COVID-19 restrictions.

Ms Palaszczuk said ultimately timeframes for restrictions will depend on the success of Queensland’s efforts to contain the spread of the virus, but the government’s commitment to flattening the curve will not waver.

“We haven’t started to climb the curve,” Ms Palaszczuk said in a social media post.

“The evidence is telling me we’re two or three weeks behind New South Wales and the peak could be in July, August, September.

“I want to thank Queenslanders for staying home and social distancing.”

Listen to ABC Radio Brisbane’s interview with the Premier below to find out more about the current state of COVID-19 in Queensland.

3.05pm. Strategies for coping with isolation 

Going into a period of social distancing, self-isolation or quarantine may feel daunting or overwhelming, and can contribute to feelings of helplessness and fear.

Here are some ideas from Lifeline on how people can stay connected from a distance:

  • Set up a gratitude tree where every member posts a message or sends a text to other members to share something they are grateful for.
  • Find a buddy, or group of, to set daily challenges with. These could include a healthy habit or a creative pursuit. Be sure to encourage each other and check in daily to stay motivated.
  • Set dates and times to watch the same TV shows/movies with someone and message each other your thoughts along the way… kind of like Goggle Box but you’re not sharing the couch.
  • Join your community’s social media group. This will keep you up to date with what’s going on directly around you and support local businesses and neighbours through a difficult time. 

2.45pm. Keep your distance

Here’s a reminder of how staying home can help reduce infections and save lives:

2.10pm. Ipswich gin maker to product hand sanitiser

Two local Ipswich alcohol producers are teaming up to make hand sanitiser to help with the fight COVID-19.

Imbibis Craft Distillery at Marburg has started making sanitiser due to the unprecedented demand driven by the virus outbreak.

Imbibis owner Jason Hannay (pictured below) said it’s exactly the same as creating the alcohol for his gin.

“We already had some base alcohol that we have distilled through our column to create the high strength ethanol required for sanitiser,” he said.

When that runs out, local brewery Ballistic Springfield is ready with extra base alcohol in order to keep the production flowing.

The santiser is produced in accordance with the WHO recipe and is a great example of how two small producers are collaborating and innovating in these tough times. 

Customers can pre-order the sanitiser on the Imbibis website: and it will also be available at Ballistic Springfield.

The first batch is expected to be ready next week.

1.50pm. Story Time just went virtual

The fabulous team at Ipswich Libraries have taken their popular children’s Story Time program virtual.

In the first installment, join Maddie and Kaley from Springfield Central Library as they share the magic of reading with books Together We Can by Caryl Hart and The Very Super Bear by Nick Bland.

Virtual Story Time is available 24 hours a day through the Ipswich Libraries website at

Enjoy the first virtual Story Time here:

Also, follow Ipswich Libraries on Facebook to keep up with other great initiatives.

1.05pm. Chai House determined to keep its doors open

The Silkstone cafe, which opened in February, has adapted its menu and changed its hours to keep serving customers.

Chai House Manager Ali Waite said drastic measures were called for in order to survive. 

“Chai House was well and truly taking off before this dreaded virus, but being Indian Mehfil’s sister shop has been our saving grace,” Ms Waite said.

“We have changed our hours and split the day into a morning/lunch shift from 8am to 1.30pm and then a dinner shift from 4.30pm to 8pm.

“Our chef has reworked his wonderful menu and lots of people were missing their Indian fix with Indian Mehfil out of action, so that’s been able to help us keep the doors open.

“We’re looking forward to things returning to normal one day, but in the meantime, please keep following us on Facebook to stay in the loop of the Chai House and Indian Mehfil journey.” 

11.50am. If you want to touch your face, wash your hands

Here’s something sure to bring a smile to your face.

Queensland music teacher Lawrence Gatton has shared a catchy song with some positive and fun messages about hygiene.

It’s to the tune of If You’re Happy and You Know It.

We take no responsibility if it gets stuck in your head all day.

11.15am. Update on COVID-19 cases in Queensland

Queensland has recorded an additional 39 cases of COVID-19 overnight, bringing the state’s total to 873.

As the downward trend continues, Health Minister Steven Miles thanked all Queenslanders for their compliance with health directions, particularly those in quarantine.

“We thank all of those Queenslanders who have done that to keep themselves, their family and the rest of the community safe,” he said.

10.30am. Doing what it takes to get through

Pumpyard general manager Torsten Werner said they are doing their best to service the community and to keep their brand alive.

“Our full menu is available for take away at reduced prices and our canned beer is available to takeaway,” Mr Werner said.

“We are currently doing a $10 take away lunch on Wednesday to Saturday.

“We are also offering free delivery for Ipswich central residents.”

 Concerned about his staff, Mr Werner said this is not a time to be making profit.

“We are trying to keep some people employed and keep our brand alive,” he said.

“We cannot thank the community enough, without them, we wouldn’t be here.”

The Pumpyard is also serving takeaway coffee Monday to Saturday from 8.30am using Ipswich roasted beans from Dancing Bean and freezer ready meals.

See their Facebook page for their daily special:

9.50am. Finding the silver linings

We’ve heard a lot about the negative impacts of COVID-19, but it’s also seen our community unite during a time of crisis.

Some of you have been sharing some of the positive things happening in your lives that have been cushioning the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic:

Love seeing the teddy bears and rainbows out there for the kids. Our workplace is connecting with the local families we support through you tube, phone calls, Facebook etc. I love that we are still allowed to go for a local walk as a family and we are noticing more in nature. Love that we are in a technology age where we are still able to connect” – Becky 

“Check out and support the group ‘support local – Ipswich/Springfield’ it’s promoting local businesses still operating – hosp industry, local fruit and veg that deliver, local butchers, charities offering assistance and trades available during this trying time” – KC 

“Personally, I’m enjoying extra time with the kids” 🙂- Tony

Don’t forget to use the hashtag #ipswichtogether on Instagram and Facebook to help keep our community connected during this challenging time.

9.20am. Home confinement in Queensland explained

There has been considerable confusion about confinement guidelines in Queensland.

Are we in lockdown? Are we allowed to go outside our home? If so, when, with whoever and for what?

The rules vary from state to state and the community has not been helped by mixed messages from the Prime Minister, Premiers and Police.

So just what is the Queensland Home Confinement Direction?

Check out this in-depth explainer from the ABC today: Here’s what you need to know about Queensland’s latest coronavirus home confinement rules

8.30am. Care army receives great response

More than 6,740 people have volunteered for Queensland’s Care Army, since it was announced on 1 April. 

The Care Army hotline has also received more than 2,000 calls. 

Want to help vulnerable seniors living in your community? Register for the Care Army at


8am. Friday, 3 April 2020. Thirty-seven cases confirmed for West Moreton

Queensland Health has been keeping the Ipswich community as up-to-date as possible by sharing information that will help to inform, while also supporting people’s right to privacy.

As of 2 April 2020, there were 37 positive COVID-19 cases in areas where West Moreton Health provides care.

Of these, 27 were in Ipswich suburbs, seven were in Brisbane suburbs, while there was one in Scenic Rim Council area, one in Somerset Regional Council area and one in Lockyer Valley Regional Council area where West Moreton Health provides care.

During times like these, it’s important to look after family and friends and to be kind to people in the community.

The community can rest assure that contact tracing continues, which means West Moreton Health are directly contacting people considered to be at risk through close contact with a confirmed case.

“We want everyone to know they play a part in protecting themselves and the more vulnerable members of the community,” a West Moreton Health spokesperson said.

“Stay 1.5 metres apart, avoid touching, shaking hands and hugging, practice cough etiquette, wash your hands regularly, and stay home as much as possible, to reduce the spread of COVID-19 disease.”

Queensland Health can confirm a fourth Queenslander has passed away from COVID-19.

An 85-year-old man from Toowoomba with underlying medical conditions has died.

The man contracted the disease after recently returning from a cruise.

Queensland has 57 new confirmed cases of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) raising the state total to 835.

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