$2 million commitment brings I2S one stop closer

Ipswich’s major project-of-the-future – the Ipswich to Springfield Central Public Transport Corridor (I2S) – received a significant boost today after Federal Australian Labor Party (ALP) committed $2 million in funding toward an Options Analysis if elected.

The new funding would see I2S progress to the final stage in the business case process, after council committed $500,000 in January and the Queensland Government committed $1 million in the lead up to the 2020 State Election.

The I2S corridor would link the city’s two population centres through the fast-growing suburbs of Ripley, Redbank Plains and Deebing Heights, avoiding forecast congestion costs of more than $1 billion by 2041.

Mayor Teresa Harding said the announcement shows all levels of government recognise just how quickly Ipswich is growing.

“The numbers speak for themselves: another 325,000 community members are projected to move to Ipswich by 2041. We are Queensland’s fastest growing city,” Mayor Harding said.

“With approximately 70 per cent of the population growth in Ipswich occurring between Ipswich and Springfield, this public transport corridor is vital to easing the burden on our road network and keeping our community moving.

“Council has been ramping up calls for government investment in essential infrastructure projects for our city and it is fantastic that Federal Labor has come to the table.

“This is just the beginning. Significant investment is needed now to keep our growing community connected to jobs, education and essential services.”

I2S has been recognised by Infrastructure Australia and is on its list of investments ready for delivery and nationally significant priorities for Australia’s governments to progress in the near, medium and longer term.

The next stage of delivery for I2S is the Detailed Business Case, a more detailed proposal required before shovels hit the ground. It is currently unfunded at a cost of $7.5 million.

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  1. This is Beyond disgusting!!! How can you build this stuff over cultural lands, sacred sites, cemetery, massacre sites, endangered species and animals.

  2. Federal Labor have committed 2 million IF elected. Seriously they should have said we will build it if elected. Labor take Ipswich for granted because it is a safe Labor seat.

  3. Will be great for the area and also rather convenient for delivering fuel for the new Waste to Energy Incinerator? At least there will be less trucks on the road…

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