A few minutes with Queens Park Cafe owner Liz Reynolds

Ipswich City Council and the Queens Park Cafe operators agreed to a new five-year lease arrangement in December. Ipswich First spends five minutes with Queens Park Cafe operator Liz Reynolds.


How long have you had this business?

I’m into my seventh year here now.

Is this your first business?

I used to own a cafe and wedding venue, and before that I was in government, in education and training, for 20 years. I love nurturing – we have a big team here, all from different age groups and backgrounds.

What is it about your business that sets it apart from others?

It’s not just about business for us. It’s the whole experience. It’s the community and the excitement of people being happy with their food and their service. We strive all the time to do that. We are also very team oriented – it’s all about the team.

Who are your customers?

Every year it is growing. We do get a lot of people out from Brisbane, we get international visitors and a lot of people on the weekends. For Mother’s Day we did 800 covers for breakfast. Father’s Day is a big one too.

What is your business philosophy?

For us it’s about being in business for the right reasons. You have to manage your business well and get that in place but at the same time you have to understand your business really well – from what kind of prices and what kinds of product you offer to how your staff interact.

What do you recommend on the current menu?

The signature breakfast – eggs, bacon, sausage, hashbrown, mushrooms and toast for $18.50.

Cafe opening hours

Queens Park Cafe at 10a Merle Finimore Avenue, Ipswich, is open daily from 8am to 5pm (and until 2pm public holidays).

Closed Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Day and Good Friday.

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