Action plan for more hotels for Ipswich

New initiatives will be rolled out by Ipswich City Council as part of an Action Plan to attract more hotel and short-term accommodation developments to the city.

On Thursday council approved a host of initiatives to be implemented including a reduction in infrastructure charges and the development of an investment prospectus to attract hotel industry investment to the city.

Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee Chair Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said Ipswich’s rapid growth demonstrated the need for more quality hotels to better meet demand.

“In July, I successfully moved a Notice of Motion for the development of a Hotel and Short Term Accommodation Action Plan to continue to grow our tourist visitation and ensure we are well placed to take full advantage of the Brisbane 2032 Games,” Mayor Harding said.

“This Action Plan outlines our key initiatives to attracting greater hotel investment in our city, which has been informed through engagement with industry and learnings from other councils across the region.

“One of things we hear regularly from investors is the need for certainty around the timeframes and requirements for the relevant approvals. We know that time means money for many developers.

“Therefore, the Action Plan highlights the introduction of a dedicated concierge service, free pre-lodgement meetings prior to applying, and expedited development assessment timeframes for hotel proposals.

“These initiatives are also supported by a reduction in infrastructure charges and an investment prospectus to ensure we are making Ipswich an attractive proposition for hotel investment.”

Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee Deputy Chairperson Councillor Paul Tully said council’s Hotel and Short Term Accommodation Action Plan was a roadmap for greater hotel investment in the city.

“Ipswich currently has five branded and one full-service hotel. Similar initiatives put forward by other south-east Queensland councils, including Brisbane, have paid off with more high-quality hotels moving in,” Cr Tully said.

“Ipswich’s economy is growing rapidly, recently ticking over $12 billion for the first time, and to support this level of business and tourism expansion, council must find ways to attract and support more industry.

“Interested developers will be able to access concierge service, free pre-lodgement meetings for development applications, an expedited development assessment timeframe, and a reduction of infrastructure charges.”

The Hotel and Short Term Accommodation Action Plan is available here.

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  1. Also look at working with Queensland raceway to bring back the v8 supercars so the so-called new hotels will get full once a year before and after the games that no one wants, as after the games there is nothing here in Ipswich for people to say we got to go to ipswich. I don’t know what council is look at when saying there is heaps to do, as when the winter nationals and cmc is over there is nothing so mabe look at attracting more entertainment as you drive though town on a Friday or Saturday night at 6 and there is nothing worth stopping for as 95% is closed

  2. The Council talks the talk but is too slow to walk, or rather, the approvals take too long.
    House vacated January 2022, uninsurable. Severe damage, subsidence, large cracks in walls. Could have been demolished last year, still awaiting approval….
    How about getting staff on board and trained, give approval for more accommodation in Ipswich, and let us see you doing more than just talking and plan.
    I would like to see some action.

  3. It’s lovely to see our city growing and becoming a place where people can have a great lifestyle with plenty to see and do.
    We have had our fare share of negative comments over the years .
    When I first came here to live 35 years ago, a lot of people made it clear they thought I was crazy to buy in Ipswich.
    Well I have never regretted it and have been so very happy to see it evolve.
    Please make sure that we NEVER lose our beautiful greenspace as it is so important to our way of life and to our inhabitants of it.

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