Behind the Screens: More pours, of the concrete kind, help Commonwealth Hotel take shape

Another significant concrete pour is complete at Hotel Commonwealth, as the refurbishment of the historic watering hole continues. The once split level space out the back of the hotel is now single level following the downstairs lounge area being capped off with its concrete ceiling, the largest concrete pour of the entire job. 

Explore behind the screens of the Commonwealth Hotel in this 360-degree look at the progress over the last month.

Perched on top will be the hotel’s beer garden and outdoor dining, which is starting to take shape, blockwork walls can now be seen and the lift core connecting the lounge area with the dining space is in place.

Before the next slab can be poured, which will connect the outdoor dining space to the al fresco bar, crews have run the pipes that will carry the ‘beer pythons’ from the cool room, underneath the lounge area, to the bars ensuring a steady supply of cold refreshment.

Service connections have also continued at pace. Stormwater drainage at the rear of the hotel is now plumbed and out the front, the hotel has been reconnected to the sewer network.

Inside the building, new services have been installed to provide creature comforts for future patrons, air conditioning ducts have started to stretch across the ceiling space.

With the hotel due to open its doors to the public next year, it will be a major contributor to the day and night time economy of the emerging city heart.

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  1. Is this being funded by ratepayer money? If so, why is council doing this, why arent commercial companies funding it.

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