Alliance highlights funding gap for Ipswich ahead of state election

The Ipswich Leaders Alliance has highlighted the growing funding gap for Ipswich, as final commitments come in a day ahead of the 2020 Queensland State Election.

About $16.3 billion in state funding will be required through to 2041, according to analysis of Suburban Alliance data, to ensure that capital expenditure in Ipswich keeps pace with the region’s growing population.

The Ipswich Leaders Alliance published its final Make Your Vote Count for Ipswich election scorecard today, on the eve of the October 31 poll, displaying information on major party commitments made during the election campaign.

The inaugural Alliance Chair, Mayor Teresa Harding, thanked all parties for their engagement over the past two months and indicated that significant investment would be needed from the next State Government to address the region’s funding shortfall.

“Ipswich has stood up to be counted in this state election campaign, showing that we are future-focussed and ready for investment,” Mayor Harding said.

“Ipswich is set to experience unprecedented population growth over the next 20 years and major commitments from the state will be needed to ensure that our region remains liveable and productive.

“An average of $778 million in capital expenditure from the State Government will be required every year to 2041 to ensure that the support for each Ipswich resident aligns with the historical average for all Queenslanders.”

The population of Ipswich will grow by 336,000 over the next 21 years according to QGSO predictions, as the number of residents in the city increases from 222,000 to 558,000.

The ILA’s state election scorecard displays commitments made by candidates during the campaign, including funding towards the $2.5 million options analysis for the Ipswich Central to Springfield Central public transport corridor committed by the ALP, LNP, One Nation and the Greens, and support for waste industry reform from three of the four major parties.

All eyes are now on the polls for tomorrow’s election, but Mayor Harding said that the Alliance already has its sights set on the future.

“I’d like to wish all candidates good luck. I look forward to working with our local members and the party that forms government over the next four years.

“The Ipswich Leaders Alliance will now regroup, moving forward on our priorities ahead of the federal elections in 2021-2022.” 

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  1. We will never get any attention from the state government until we become a marginal seat. We need to convince people in Ipswich not to just walk in and vote labor.

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