Does Morton Academy have Ipswich’s ultimate dance mums? The madness of a rehearsal at Ipswich Civic Centre is the place Jane Pinder goes to find out.

There will be 100 children shining onstage at Morton Academy’s annual concert on Sunday. The one thing standing in the way of chaos is a dedicated band of dance mums.

At the Civic Centre rehearsal they are ticking off attendance rolls, doing hair and makeup, bathroom runs, corralling herds of boys and girls, and most importantly making sure everyone has a lot of fun.

With four girls aged between 3 to 13 who dance at least four days a week, Tammie Hogar is a dance “supermum”.

“Because I’m always here I may as well make myself useful,” she said from backstage, surrounded by children.

The family do jazz, ballet, commercial street, squad, and acrobatics, and life is always busy.

“I love watching them love what they do. It makes me happy.”

Principal Teagan Morton has perhaps Ipswich’s ultimate dance mum by her side – her mother Jenny, who has notched up almost 30 years experience.

“Some of the mums and dads don’t realise the work, but it pays off on the day,” Jenny said.

Teagan said the academy relied on the parents volunteering their help with events, performances and fundraisers.

“Dance mums are incredible, there are so many who have supported me 100 per cent from the get-go,” she said.

“They give up their time purely because they love what their children do, supporting them, and they get to share the experience with them.”

Ipswich Civic Centre is “part of our family” according to Jenny, as it’s the stage that Teagan grew up dancing on.

Kayla Seery is a first-time dance mum but already she has mastered the art of a run sheet and schedule, as well as hair and makeup.

She will watch Sunday’s performance from backstage, and said she has been amazed at how daughter Paige has blossomed through dance.

“She was a very shy little girl, and since starting with Teagan she has come out of her shell,” she said.

“For me its about the confidence and social side.”

Unforgettable: Presented by Morton Academy
Sunday August 27, 2.30pm
Ipswich Civic Centre
Unforgettable has been inspired by the King of Pop, so to get you in the mood, here is the legend himself in full dance glory