Author: Jane Pinder

Solar farm proposal to maximise New Chum closed landfill site

A proposed solar farm on council-owned landfill could provide an avenue to power River Heart Parklands on green energy. Conservation and Environment Committee Chairperson Councillor Kerry Silver said council was approached by LMS Energy, through its wholly-owned subsidiary Joule Energy, to establish a solar farm on closed landfill at Whitwood Road, New Chum. “There is an established relationship between council and the company on the New Chum site, with LMS Energy extracting landfill gas to generate electricity. This proposed solar farm would expand the existing operation,” she said. “It would be an excellent opportunity to maximise the use of...

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Where’s Wall(ab)y? How to spot a camera-shy Ipswich icon

Brush-tailed rock wallabies flee faster than a Hollywood recluse if they think the papparazzi are in town. But A Recovery Plan for this Ipswich faunal emblem will help ensure the species’ survival. They were once found along the Great Divide from Nanango to the Grampians, but the brush-tailed rock wallaby is now listed as vulnerable to extinction in Queensland. Ipswich has been identified as a population stronghold and we have embraced the marsupial as a mascot, both as our faunal emblem and one of three iconic species. There is little known about this shy species, which likes to live in complex rocky habitat with caves, crevices, steep gullies...

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The right words for a heartwarming story

A little girl called lucy is about to meet her best friend – and discover some important lessons about owning a pet along the way. Ipswich City Council’s education officer Nicole Grant realised a children’s book would be a great resource for council to teach children about the responsibilities of owning a pet. So she pulled out her pen and paired up with illustrator Pinar Cekic to inspire a book which promotes a simple message: “That a pet is your best friend forever.”  Best Friends Forever will launch on April 5. Best Friends Forever author Nicole Grant “I was reading...

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Old-fashioned footwork creates new memories for our children

Leichhardt State School students and Principal Michelle Hamlin do a weekly ‘walking school bus’. Many of us remember walking or riding to school. It was the norm in the not-too-distant past. With more school travel done by car and traffic congestion a growing problem, there is a renewed push to make sure the next generation also get to experience the many benefits – and create lifelong memories – of walking or riding to school. “I used to walk to high school. I was only a few kilometres away. It was downhill to get to school, and uphill to get...

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Bringing back the mighty Bush Rats

A fresh generation of players are giving one of Ipswich’s most historic soccer clubs a new life It has been a long journey for the Dinmore Bush Rats. First formed 130 years ago, the club has scaled the heights of Ipswich and Brisbane competitions, and suffered the lows of being disbanded in recent years. But with hard work, passion and a new crop of keen players the Dinmore Bush Rats have two teams – Under 6 and Under 11 – for the QCSA 2018 Winter Competition. Club president Scott Morrison said both boys and girls were welcome, and more players...

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Ravenous Ipswich recyclers need your e-waste

Anything with a plug or battery can be used at Ipswich’s new recycling operation Substation 66. Within a cavernous workshop on TAFE South West’s Bundamba campus is an operation hungry for e-waste. It devours anything with a plug or battery, and it takes a constant stream of electronics and appliances to keep up with its insatiable appetite. It’s been less than two months since Help Enterprises launched Substation 66 through its Disability Care division, but already they have diminished their e-waste stocks and are eager for obsolete or unwanted items from residents and businesses. There is a dual purpose for...

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Hundreds of cars illegally parked in school zones caught on camera

Illegal parking creates a dangerous environment for children and pedestrians – and can attract some hefty fines. Part of council’s revamped School Safe program this year were cameras posted at key school zone locations identified in partnership with the schools. There were 208 offences detected within the first four weeks of term at just one Ipswich school zone. Warnings were issued for the majority of those offences, however council are now issuing fines for any motorists who continue to park illegally. The community is also reacting to bad parking behaviour. Within the first five weeks of term council received...

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A library finds new purpose at Redbank Plains

The transformation of the Redbank Plains Library will ramp up in March, with some major additions to its services. Technology Latest RFID check-in and check-out technology Meeting More booths and meeting spaces Space Reading and study areas Digital literacy Digital literacy programs such as tech savvy seniors Marketplace Introducing the Marketplace collection to Redbank Plains Work will start this month to repurpose the Redbank Plains Library building to include a Library Logistics Hub and to refresh the services provided at the facility. In coming months, the community will see additional meeting spaces and more public access PCs, allowing for...

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Snap-happy participants wanted for Redbank Plains project

Residents who live, work or play in Redbank Plains are able to register for a new project called Photovoice – My Culture through My Lens. Division 9 Councillor Sheila Ireland said Photovoice would allow participants to learn more about their community through the use of cameras. “The photos will raise awareness about people’s experiences and create a talking point for the community,” she said. “Redbank Plains is a diverse community, and Photovoice will allow residents to showcase their experiences, whether as a young person, a parent, as a family member or as an individual in our community.” Division 3...

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Taking a spin in a self-driving car and other futuristic adventures at North Ipswich Reserve

Ipswich’s Smart City pilot technology is speeding towards real-world benefits. There’s only about 1000 of these Tesla Model S 90D vehicles in Australia – and we are passengers in one of these sleek, futuristic cars as it drives itself at speed along Pine Street, North Ipswich. The owner is in the driver’s seat, his hands at the wheel and feet near the pedals, but he happily informs us the car is in control. There’s a surge of adrenalin as the smooth and near-silent car steers itself while GPS and sensors guide it without human intervention. And a brief moment of fear as traffiic brakes ahead – the $180,000...

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