Bid on rare memorabilia in online auction

Alfie Langer’s boot, Don Bradman’s cricket bat and signed Muhammad Ali boxing gloves, will be among 399 items to go under the hammer from Thursday (9 December) as the new Ipswich City Council looks to close the door on another chapter of the past.

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said a number of these items are believed to have been bought over the years by previous councils with ratepayers’ money or were donated to council.

“The new Ipswich City Council looks to close the door on another chapter of the past by donating and selling memorabilia items, following the outcomes of Operation Windage and the dismissal of the previous council in August 2018,” Mayor Harding said.

“There are 399 items going to auction, including 191 items of sporting memorabilia alone which were last valued at almost $54,000.

“This is community money, and this council is determined to ensure no matter their history, these items are disposed of transparently in line with community expectations and in a manner that benefits our community into the future.”

In March this year, council determined the items would be sold via auction, returned to their original owner or donated to community groups and charities.

Mayor Harding said council’s community reference groups and general feedback from the community indicated widespread support for the sale of these items with the money going to a good cause.

“Project Reunite invited the community to make a claim on any items they believe may have belonged to them and we had 14 people submit a claim,” Mayor Harding said.

“Each claim is currently being assessed individually, with items determined to belong to claimants expected to be returned in coming weeks.

“We are now set to auction remaining items before establishing a Special Community Funding Program which will assist Ipswich community organisations.”

The final steps will be for community groups and not-for-profits to be invited to claim items which weren’t suitable for auction, at a donation event at North Ipswich Reserve on 13 and 14 December.

To be kept updated on the Special Community Funding Program, residents can follow the project on Shape Your Ipswich.

You can bid on items in the online auction from Thursday, 9 December.

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