Business community keen to support Facade Improvement Program

More than a dozen Ipswich Central businesses have already expressed an interest in Ipswich City Council’s pilot Façade Improvement Program, which supports the revitalisation of the CBD area and the completion of the Nicholas Street redevelopment.

The pilot Façade Improvement Program (FIP) is designed to encourage building owners and operators to invest in façade renovations, by accessing council’s financial incentive to contribute to the costs of improvement.

The aim of this pilot program is to partner with local businesses to increase economic opportunities through the preservation and improvement of building facades and commercial streetscapes in the eligible pilot area, which will help to increase patronage and ultimately foot traffic.

Council has created draft guidelines for the program and these are open for community consultation via Shape your Ipswich until Sunday 16 February and we welcome your feedback.

“The Façade Improvement Program (FIP) is a pilot designed to provide an incentive to support business in improving their facades, as part of the overall strategy to stimulate wider investment by private business and property owners around the eligible pilot area,” said General Manager of Community, Cultural and Economic Development Ben Pole.

“The improvements are expected to contribute to the street’s atmosphere, overall appeal and create an engaging experience for visitors.”

Council encourages the community to review the draft program guidelines and provide your feedback by 16 February to help shape your Ipswich.

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One Comment

  1. I welcome the Pilot Facade Improvement Program. Though it may be tough for some business to fund this.
    I presume the facelift to the Event Cinemas was part of this program. But wouldn’t the money spent on this be better used to assist the property owners to upgrade their facades in that area.
    I have to congratulate the artist for his works, but!
    I find this to be utterly out of sync with Ipswich. We are supposedly a heritage city and this form of artwork leaves me in disbelief. Who in their right mind would approve this. Everyday I drive down the Main Street and wonder what what was the ICC idea of allowing this. Where was the public consultation? Is there more of this style of artwork planned for 143 BRISBANE St and other council owned buildings.
    I have asked numerous people their thoughts on this and I have not received one positive response. Mainly absolute laughter.
    My only explanation for this decision could be that when the ICC opens up the indoor Cart Track people will know where to go. But that shouldn’t be a problem anyway because you will be able to hear it. This idea is an even bigger joke.
    What is wrong with the ICC?
    Who makes these ridiculous decisions?
    Who is accountable for this?
    Where is the public consultation?
    Once again the ICC wastes more money on something so trivial.
    This council hasn’t changed at all.
    I’d like to know who gets the pat on the back for this, it should be more of a kick up the arse.
    Open your eyes ICC and stop wasting the rate payers money.

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