Can you guess these puppies’ new names?

The latest group of Amberley Air Force puppies is set for its first deployment.

They will be heading south to Adelaide ahead of the Edinburgh Air Show this weekend.

Their first mission involves being adorable and being named.

A competition was held by the Adelaide Advertiser and four names were chosen by the public.

Introducing Hornet, Ace, Scout and Radar.

These airwomen are Belgian Malinois puppies raised at the Breeding Cell of RAAF Security and Fire School at RAAF Base Amberley.

The cell has its own breeding program and does everything from artificial insemination, pregnancy, birth, through to raising and training of puppies in the first three months of their lives.

From eight to 12 weeks of age the puppies go out into the community on weekend home-stays.

Twelve weeks to seven months the dogs go into a full-time foster-care arrangement to socialise with families before heading off to basic training.

Once trained, the Military Working Dogs will work closely with RAAF security handlers to provide security patrols, emergency response, intruder detection and apprehension on RAAF Bases and in deployed locations around the world.

Images: Defence

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