Carroll House heritage to be saved in Ipswich

One of Ipswich’s best known “character” properties, commonly known as the Carroll House, is set to be moved from Goodna to Rosewood.

The pre-1946 dwelling is proposed to be relocated from 16 Queen Street, Goodna, to a vacant property at 3 Unnamed Road, Rosewood, which is situated within a Character Areas Housing Zone and requires a material change of use development permit.

Council considered this matter in September as part of a development application seeking approval for a material change of use – business use (fast food premises) at 16 Queen Street, Goodna.

As part of the 2006 planning scheme, Queen Street was determined to be part of a future commercial centre for Goodna and never intended to remain for low-density residential living. This was reconfirmed with the 2017 Shaping SEQ Regional Plan, which council agreed to at the time.

Growth, Infrastructure and Waste Committee Chair Mayor Teresa Harding said Carroll House had been listed by the previous council under Schedule 3 “Identified Places of Interest”, which encouraged the conservation of the house but unfortunately gave council no mandatory protection requirements on this site.

“Unfortunately, previous planning decisions about the Carroll House meant this council was left with no power to compel the owner to retain the property on the Queen Street site,” Mayor Harding said.

“The previous council had already decided that Queen Street would form part of a future commercial zone in Goodna, effectively sealing the fate of the Carroll House.

“Every council must use the planning scheme to inform its decision making around future development, and unfortunately the planning decisions of the previous council have led us to this outcome.

“The relocation of Carroll House is the next best outcome where one of the city’s character houses is being retained, albeit in a different but very suitable location.

“While we can’t fix past planning mistakes, the new Ipswich City Council is currently in the process of drafting a new planning scheme which will ensure our city’s heritage can be protected in the future.

“As part of this process, the Ipswich community will be able to put its views forward on where development should occur in our city. I certainly encourage residents who are passionate about heritage to have their say and sign up for

Check out the information on Shape Your Ipswich to learn about planning schemes and then make a submission when the formal public consultation period opens.

This will be when the State Government interest review is completed, anticipated to be in the first half of 2023. Register to receive updates on the consultation and submission process.

Mayor Harding said the Carroll House was still in situ at the Goodna site and can be relocated now the development application has been approved.

“Relevant and reasonable conditions have been included with respect to the incorporation and retention of appropriate building fabric for the relocated dwelling, which is to be relocated to the site in Rosewood, raised to legal height and built-in underneath,” Mayor Harding said.

“Included as part of the proposal is a single carport to the side and slightly in front of the character dwelling, which has been designed in accordance with the Character Code and complements the architectural design of the character dwelling.

“I would like to thank the applicant for their willingness and cooperation in moving the house to a character precinct in Rosewood, where it will add to the streetscape and the area’s rich heritage.”

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  1. Re Carroll house & Swifts,what is the point of asking for ratepayers opinions when the council just goes ahead & does what it wants to do anyhow. Giving an opinion seems to be a sheer waste of time

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