Community need drives local Ipswich projects

Smaller projects that might not feature in Ipswich City Council’s citywide major capital works program will get some much-needed attention following the first consideration of a new $500,000 building and improvement fund. 

Ipswich Mayor Teresa Harding said the capital investment in the Provisional Projects Policy was approved on 10 December 2020 at the Ordinary Council Meeting.

The Provisional Projects Program has been implemented as part of the 2021-22 Annual Budget, which will provide a place for the community, through their councillors, to consider minor capital work that hadn’t been included in the three-year forward plan.

“This is a new program and a new way for councillors and council to listen to the community and take on board suggestions for things like park upgrades, streetscaping, lighting and security cameras, and things like community facilities,” Mayor Harding said.

“Previously, councillors had division funds that could be spent at their direction – without transparency on how decisions were being made.

“We have made the decision to be open and transparent in how we spend this money, and how we decide on what projects are prioritised.

“This is the first time council has considered projects, with a list of 10 being put forward, and I’m looking forward to seeing what else our community can come up with as we roll this program out further.”

The first list of provisional projects put forward for consideration included:

  • Handball courts, Rex Hawkes Park, Redbank Plains (Div 1)
  • Master plan for the Cooneana Heritage Centre (Div 1)
  • Speed advisory sign, Redbank Plains Road (Div 2)
  • Floodway flashing lights, Jones Road, Bellbird Park (Div 2)
  • Cricket pitch upgrade, Brittains Road Reserve, Augustine Heights (Div 2)
  • Park embellishments, lighting, Maculata Family Park, Riverview (Div 3)
  • Park embellishments, lighting, Keith Pennell Park, North Booval (Div 3)
  • Park embellishments, lighting, George Palmer Park, Sealy Street, Silkstone (Div 3)
  • CBD treescape and beautification program, Ipswich Central (Div 3)
  • Wall mural, silhouette, beautification, Fitzgibbon and Down Streets, North Ipswich (Div 4)

Councillors voted to hold off approving any projects at ordinary council, requesting they be advised by 31 July about the exact costs and scoping of those on the provisional list.

The projects will be reconsidered at the next Growth, Infrastructure, and Waste Committee, to be held on Thursday, 5 August.

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  1. The trees being planted in Rosewood are wonderful and the town will benefit from them but the footpaths are in need of repair or replacement in some streets, I’m a regular walker and find some paths are dangerous especially across driveways.

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