Conor Mathewson is growing up fast, really fast

Conor Mathewson is eight years old and just an ordinary kid, only faster.

Conor made national headlines this week after running the Sunday Mail Bridge to Brisbane 10km course in 38 minutes and 45 seconds.

About 15,000 runners lined up in the CBD, including young Conor, who crossed the finish line in 213th place.

That is believed to be one of the fastest recorded times at that distance for someone his age.

He appeared on the front page of The Courier-Mail and was interviewed live on Network Ten’s The Project.

Most grade three kids are probably playing video games or kicking a ball around the yard, but dedicated Conor trains six days a week.

“I like to run. I like the pain and I like to win at the end,” Conor said.

“I have learned to block it out when I am hurting, I don’t think about it.

“I just think about by form and concentrate on what I am doing.

“I also like helping other people improve their personal best times.”

Conor first started running when he was five years old.

He parents would regularly do parkrun, which is a weekly, free, timed 5km local fun run.

His father and running partner Shane Mathewson remembers his first run.

“He ran with Annette (Conor’s mother) and I doubled back to grab him and he took off. He really enjoyed it,” Mr Mathewson said. 

Filming a live cross for The Project

The Courier-Mail, Monday, 26 August, 2019

“The next day he said come on let’s go run.

“The next parkrun he was minutes faster and the times just kept coming down.”

Mr Mathewson said he could still beat his son but doesn’t think that will last much longer.

“I’ve come to the realisation now that I need to train harder to stay with him,” he said.

“The way his times are going it’s not for long, I’ve probably got a year or two.”

The Amberley District State School student has beaten both his father and his NANCI Ipswich head coach Peter Reeves in the Queensland parkrun “championship” in June, running his fastest time over 5km in 18 minutes and 41 seconds.

He was also the overall winner, beating everyone … adults included, in the Springfield Run for Life 4.5km event.

Conor’s long-term goal is to compete in the 2032 Olympics, which could be held in south east Queensland, with events in Ipswich and Brisbane.

“I’ll be 21 and my family and friends will come and watch me,” he said.

“I just like the feeling of running and it’s fun.”

He’d like to inspire other kids to give it a try.

“Have a go, see how you do and try your best,” he said.

 Shane, Conor, Annette and Riley Mathewson

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