Council continues to improve transparency

A report to Ipswich City Council this week confirmed all 19 recommendations of the independent Governance Review of the council have been fully implemented.

The review was adopted by council in September 2017 under the mantra of improved transparency and good governance.

City Management, Finance and Community Engagement Committee Chairman Acting Mayor Wayne Wendt said the completion of all recommendations in eight months was a significant achievement.

“Let’s not underestimate the task. This was a series of major reforms fully endorsed by all councillors,” he said.

“We now have a much higher degree of accountability between council officers and elected representatives.

“Importantly for the community, the publication online of all reports by officers now enables full oversight of the decision making process.

“A new Code of Conduct for councillors has been adopted along with more detailed minuting of potential conflicts of interest during meetings.

“Risk mitigation has also been improved along with tighter policies around procurement.”

Cr Wendt said council had identified a further seven items in addition to the original 19 points in the Governance Review.

“Of these, a review of all policies for currency, accuracy and publication on the internet has been completed,” he said.

“The remaining six include a review of formatting of reports to committees and council, delegations, complaints management, councillor expenses reimbursement and administration support specifically relating to travel.

“A full review of Local Laws and procedures for the conduct of committee and council meetings will also be undertaken.”

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