Council to decide on new dog registration fees for 2020-21

Dog registration fees are set to rise by about 2 per cent in Ipswich from 1 July 2020.

The first meeting of the General Purposes Committee this week recommended that Ipswich City Council adopt the proposed fees and charges for dog registration and animal management permits and that the ‘pay by’ date be extended to 1 August 2020.

Council meets next on Tuesday 26 May to consider the recommendation, which was passed unanimously by the nine councillors on committee.

For a desexed dog, the registration fee will rise $1 from $37 to $38 ($27 to $28 for pensioners), while the fee for an entire dog will rise $4 from $171 to $175 ($78 to $80 for pensioners).

General Manager of Planning and Regulatory Services Peter Tabulo said introductory dog registrations are proposed to remain unchanged at $20, with the low nominal cost intended to encourage dog registrations and responsible pet ownership.

He said there were about 32,000 dogs registered in Ipswich and registration fees raised about $1.7 million for the city. That money was used to engage the RSPCA to run the animal pound, for council officers to carry out regular inspections and recovery of animals, and for associated costs.

“There are only minimal changes proposed for 2020-2021. A standard increase of 2 per cent, equivalent to the forecast Council Cost Index (plus rounding) is recommended for most fees. This increase is intended to keep pace with the current level of cost recovery,” Mr Tabulo said.

“The pay by date for dog registrations and non-commercial animal licences and permits has typically been 1 July each year.  In recognition of the potential impact of COVID-19 on some households, it is proposed that the pay-by date for dog registrations and non-commercial animal licences and permits be extended by a further month, to 1 August 2020.”

Mr Tabulo told the committee that council had considered the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic on pet owners, but believed people had an obligation to pay a registration if they owned a dog.

Table of proposed fees and charges for 2020-21 (below)

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