Dog parks re-opened in Ipswich as first step in easing of COVID-19 restrictions

Ipswich City Council has re-opened dog parks across the region.

The 21 dedicated off-leash parks and six on-leash parks have had the closed signs taken down and our four-legged friends are free to roam again after more than two months tied up by Covid-19 restrictions.

Division 1 Cr Jacob Madsen said it was the first step as council moved to re-open facilities from this week.

Cr Madsen posted on Facebook at the weekend advising of the upcoming change and was pictured with his two dogs, Charlie and Luna: “Some exciting news for all the good doggos out there – dog parks are re-opening.”

“It is great news for all Ipswich dogs and their owners,” Cr Madsen said today.

”Covid-19 measures still apply. We ask that the community continues to practise social distancing.”

Cr Madsen said for a full list of off-leash and on-leash parks in Ipswich, plus details of all dog owner obligations, read more on council’s website here.

Council is currently preparing to implement the staged easing of restrictions in accordance with the conditions and timeframes directed by the State Government, as announced by the Premier on Friday.

This will include the opening of council facilities such as libraries, parks, pools and play equipment.

Council will continue to be guided by the National Cabinet and the State Government in relation to Covid-19 as the health and well-being of our community remains the number one priority.

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