Couple celebrates secrets to long marriage after 60th anniversary

Flinders View couple Ron and Eunice Shanahan joined together with family and friends last week to celebrate their 60th wedding anniversary.

Ron and Eunice met on New Year’s Day in Thames Embankment in London 1960 and Mrs Shanahan said they were already engaged by Valentine’s Day that very same year.

“I was 19 and Ron was 23,” she said.

“We couldn’t get married until 1961 as my parents would not give their permission, as I was under 21 and parental consent was mandatory back then.

“They thought we were too young and just rushing things.”

Little did their families know, some 61 years later, the couple would be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.

When speaking about the secret to a long and happy marriage Mr Shanahan says it’s important to have common interests, to dream big together and remember not to take life too seriously.

“I reckon our initials E, R, S, sums it up,” he said.

“Equality, respect and sense of humour.

“We have many interests in common, including writing for English and Australian national stamp magazines.”

“We also wrote and produced a book about the Bluebirds Concert Party of Ipswich who raised funds for local charities, a copy of the book is held in Ipswich Central Library.”

Ron and Eunice Shanahan on their wedding day in 1961.

Having migrated to Australia together in 1973 from England, Mrs Shanahan recalls how much Ipswich has changed over the years.

“We lived in Clayfield for three years, before moving to Raceview in 1976,” she said.

“Ipswich has grown and developed exponentially since we moved here.

“The bypass was put through Raceview Estate and we watched that being built, taking many photos over the years.

“The shopping centres are just amazing and we have seven centres within a 15 minute drive from us.

“We have never been back to England as we have everything here that we want and need.”

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Ron and Eunice with their family on their wedding day 1961.


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  1. Please pass on my congratulaions to Ron and Eunice Shanahan on their 60th wedding anniversary. A very big milestone reached.

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